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Written on KM helmet

Article about: Hi, Please, any idea what was written on that KM helmet? Thanks!

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    Circuit advertisement Written on KM helmet
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    Quote by Ricardo Victory Museum View Post
    Maybe the name of the soldier who captured the helmet.
    I found some people with the surname 'HIKK' in Canada.

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    Quote by Ricardo Victory Museum View Post
    I found some people with the surname 'HIKK' in Canada.
    That sounds promising, a very unusual name! Leon.
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    I wasn't doubting the cloth tag. Sorry if it sounded like it. It is also the same name as hand written on the liner. So almost assuredly to the original Soldat.

    Just odd how it is so "fresh" even if it is on the underside of the liner. I would expect the glue to have some patina over time.

    Just goes to show you that storage plays a large part of what happens to an item.
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