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WW2 M40 Helmet - Is it right?

Article about: Guys, I'm interested in this helmet and would appreciate your advice. Is it a genuine WW2 M40 helmet? Do you see anything you don't like? Thanks again for having a look. P.S Thumb nails gone

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    Price is about ballpark IMO - except the nagging issue of the black paint would cause me to hesitate.
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    For $350 you can find one with an original intact liner and not in barn relic condition to the paint and metal. I would heed Franks advice and await a nicer example. has sold some nice no decal M42s the past few months, they seem to go in waves.

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    Quote by maximus71 View Post
    , usually HJ wore the smaller sizes for obvious reasons, make sure the price is right.
    I wouldn't say that I have 62 helmets of all branches Polizei , SS , Heer , LW , Kriegsmarine. People were a lot different and more lean back then , ate less sugars and generally had more excercise.
    64 would be the most common size then the graph drops on both ends to 66 and 62 (although I think there are more 62's than 66's). The 60 , 68 and expecially the 70 are the rarer sizes. But again I've seen 60 DD Heer helmets , not for the HJ for sure.
    If you'd compare these results with Pickelhaubes of the 1st WW you'd see that sizes again were a little bit smaller. If you visit a medieval castle you'd think we were dwarfs once ;-)

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    Hobbits Frank, Hobbits. Dwarves have more hair and are a lot fatter.

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