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wwI or wwII?

Article about: Tallon, if your dad is into history he will love this iconic helmet. 90 bucks is a great price for an M16 shell as well. Very thoughtful of you, my congrats to your efforts. If I didnt live

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    Default wwI or wwII?

    Hi everyone, am new to all this and think I mite have screwed up. Bought this helmet for my dad, add said" Original Luftwaffe M42 steel helmet from WWII" but now that I've been looking and searching for info. I think I got him a WWI helmet. Can anyone help and tell me what you think? And if I got the wrong one what should I do?
    Thanks for any help
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    Default Re: wwI or wwII?

    Hello mate , The helmet you have there is a german ww1 M16 helmet , to say its an original luft m42 is way out , if your not happy with the m16 you should contact the seller and ask for your money back , if you payed for a m42 luft i would say you payed a lot more than the price of a ww1 m16 shell , hope this helps , cheers Raymond

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    ww1 m1916 German helmet you have there & in very nice condition as well i wouldn't be disappointed to receive this as a gift very nice lid

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    Default Re: wwI or wwII?

    welcome to the forum, you have indeed bought a WW1 German helmet shell, a Model 1916 to be exact, identified by the chinstrap fastners (Model 1891 style, side posts for the chinstrap) attached on the inside of the skirts. By the size of the ventilation lugs it looks to be size between 60-66 (these lugs, by the way double as ventilation holes and as a means to affix an armoured brow plate, the 'Stirnpanzer'to the helmet) , there should be a maker & size code stamped on inside of skirt near to one of the chinstrap lugs, and probably a contract number stamped into the inside of the dome. Although these helmets were used in the Third Reich period, by most of Germanys armed services, usually by the deletion of the Model 1891 side posts & the addition of a more modern liner , (the Model 1931), & the addition of decals to show the arm of service, these helmets are generally known as 'Transisitional' helmets, (i.e. used before the introduction of the modern types of German helmets begining in 1935 & upto 1942/43). I doubt that this one has ever been a 'Luftwaffe' helmet, is there any evidence of blue/grey paint ?, however it a nice example of an M16 helmet & as such could be resold, how much was it & where was it sourced ? ,if on E-Bay it could be returned to the seller because it was misrepresented. By the way,on the model 42/43, the edge of the helmet was left splayed & not rolled over as on earlier models the M35/40 & these helmets when compared to the M16 helmets appear smaller. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: wwI or wwII?

    As an aside has anyone ever had hold of one of these ww1 helmets that were hollow for the collection of rain water for drinking purposes, the supply of drinking water being irregular in the trenches and lying water being contaminated.

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    Default Re: wwI or wwII?

    OKW what do you mean by hollow ?...liner removed & pin/vent holes blocked ?...any helmet would do, no doubt this method used on all sides in both world wars, i have seen examples of WW1 German helmets with handles welded on to them & used in a variety of domestic ways, from cooking pots to poultry feeders & coal scuttles. (usually done post war by the local populace).

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    Thanks all for your help, Guess I shoulda did some research be for buying. I paid $90.00 for it, don't know if thats good or bad, my dad has always been kinda a history nut so I thought he mite enjoy collecting some of this stuff, thought I'd start it off with a WWII helmet. Kinda cool though, a 1916 helmet. or are they not such a hot item? Also stinks! been doing odd jobs and baby setting so I could get him one. only 14 and dad says we got to work for our money. took a long time to get it! Do you all think its a good start or should I send it back? Thanks agine

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    Default Re: wwI or wwII?

    well its still a really nice & desirable helmet & in good condition if your dad is in to history then you cant go wrong with a ww1 German helmet they make a really cool display piece & talking point. if it was given to me as a present i would have been honored

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    Default Re: wwI or wwII?

    No a proper twin walled effort the cavity used to collect water. I gather they didn't last long not least because of the added weight to head and neck.

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    Default Re: wwI or wwII?

    Tallon, this is an excellent find for your pop's and very thoughfull. I have been collecting for years and not once has any of my son's who by the way are in their 20's ever attempt to get me anything that cool.

    I think your father will be very proud of you and your efforts

    rgds, Ty

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