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WWI or WWII Medic?

Article about: I've had two different guys tell me two different ideas on this helmet. One told me it was WWI medic helmet and another told me it was an Afrika Corps helmet used transitionally. I tend to l

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    Quote by Bugme View Post
    I don't know, I wasn't there when it was painted. The word: re-issue comes to mind.

    It's hard to see in the pictures but, you can see marks where the liner was put in after it was painted.
    A re-issue would certainly have an upgraded liner the application of new paint and liner is what make a re-issue, well, a re-issue...right?
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    A medic helmet is never a reissue. Since there are no standard issue medic helmets it was done individually , in this case they took the liner band out and painted the entire helmet inside and out. Not sure for what purpose it needed to be painted inside. Up to the leather band it would make more sense. Although the inside flange is also usually disregarded when repainting a helmet. (for camo or medic purpose).

    The paint looks old but I'm not convinced that it is WW2 or WW1 period paint.

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    Quote by Schwerpunkt View Post
    A medic helmet is never a reissue...
    No disrespect intended but, from my experience in helmet collecting and also stating the very same thing as you in the past, I've learned to: never say never. There will always be something that comes along to change what was once believed to be an irrefutable sacred cow. This is why there are no experts only students in various stages of learning.

    I do appreciate everyones input here so far.

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