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WWII Medic Helmet NS64

Article about: Hello. I've had a German medic helmet for years that was passed down from my grandfather from WWII. I was showing to my son this AM and decided I'd research it some more and apparently its a

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    Quote by iknownothing View Post
    Well a little paranoia never hurt anyone. I was just wondering about a ballpark number but no biggie. I would think that anyone would want to know the value of something that they have recently found out had some...that way I can tell my kids not to throw it out when they're older.

    Anyways...The note is kind of hard to read. There are two written sections (one on each side). One of them says...'unreadable, unreadable, natzi helmet belonging to some medic. I didn't find the medic. If I do I'll send (unreadable) home' The other side is pretty much all unreadable.
    The guy that wrote the note must have been a doctor as all of their notes are unreadable except to pharmacists. And the guy that wrote the can't spell very well. Natzi is not spellt with u "t". It is Nazee, as everyone knows fir shur.

    Please post a pic of the note as I am a pharmacist and adept at reading messy handwriting. Please post the photos requested of the helmet and I will also tell you the value of the helmet once we can determine it is real.

    Without photos, the shell is worth about $20 from what we have seen thus far.

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    I wish the pics would come already. My wife and I are waiting to watch the movie on Apple TV she just downloaded, called "Do You Think We Were Born Yesterday".

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    Analyzing the photo closely I can somewhat make out what appears to read, "Clap" and "Cry" and perhaps the word "tromp" repeated several times.

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    Well well well, the movie is over, I made a long post about a new SS cufftitle, and still no mainly unreadable note, no new pics....iknownothing I am closing this thread, feel free to begin a new thread with the required information and photos.

    Sadly however I feel another con job was in the works and the lame story is just that, in order to vacuum someones wallet clean selling your dear ol' granpappy's medic helmet. You better not begin a career in non-fiction writing because iknowsomething, you would starve to death.

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