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Article about: Hi all, thinking of getting myself a nice relic german helmet off of this site (военный антиквариат,каски второй мировой войны, предметы во

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    Prices are indeed very high for relic helmets, but there are some cool helmets there, I liked the spanish blue divison one.

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    Yeah, their prices are high...but I totally agree with you, they have got quite a few interesting relics. The Spanish Blue Division one is awesome but that one's 3 times the price of the camo I'm interested in...any suggestions for other reliable, reputable places that stock nice german relic helmets (not interested in the barely used-minty ones)?

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    The condition of the helmet is still not a bad, and looks like a bunker found, even undug helmets from the garage sales sometimes is more rusty and has a traces of postwar child games. This is authentic piece, and it could be a bit cleaned, by the wish up to the better condition, but for me this is nice looking example and don't need any upgrading, all the authenticity is preserved in the bunker for 70 years without it's tampering. But what will be the price for the undug winter camo luft in the same condition- 1500 is fair.

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    Thanks a lot for the input, Dimas...just don't understand what currency you're referring to with the price for the LW camo (1500) to elaborate?

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    I think the site has interesting items, the blue division helmets, specially is very rare lid, and after analyzing the decal, it does conform to all the details one would expect to find in an original, so indeed its a rare helmet and in a very nice condition........

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    Hey, does someone have any opinions about the site? Are they OK?

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