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Article about: Hi all, thinking of getting myself a nice relic german helmet off of this site (военный антиквариат,каски второй мировой войны, предметы во

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    Hi all, thinking of getting myself a nice relic german helmet off of this site (военный антиквариат,каски второй мировой войны, предметы военной истории, but I'd like to hear if anyone's familiar with that site from before/have bought from it etc. before I go and blow my hardearned cash on something that might not be legit....
    I know the site's not the best in relic pricing (bit pricey it seems) but I've got my eye on one in particular that I really want as a display piece....
    Any and all help and/or advice would be received with gratitude...(I'm a novice in this field..hehe).

    This is my first post btw. but I've been reading some of the threads on here and it seems like a nice place with a lot of good info and people...especially love the reports from the eastfront diggers

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    Looks like all the items is found on the battlefields, and the shop location is Russia

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Bearing in mind that all this sites helmets are relics with no liners in various states of decay or battle damages, i would say that the prices are quite high, there are better deals to be had out there

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    Thanks a lot for the replies guys...the seller is about to send me some bigger pics of the helmet I'm thinking of getting and I'll post when I've received them. The one I'm looking at is an LW m40 snow camo...I know the prices are a bit high for relics/helmets with battledamage and all but I really love that m40's look, it's on page 5 of the german ww2 helmets page.
    Anyone else ever dealt with this site before?

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    There asking 362 euro for a relic, thats more than a bit high, its outright extorsion, you could get a half decent lufty with liner and sd for that if you shop around

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    As previously said by Dave some of the prices are a bit crazy but if you like Battlefield relics there is some good stuff on here , maybe you can bargain them down a bit !!
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    Yeah, I've realized that their prizes are high...the Luftwaffe m40 snowcamo with decal is the equivalent of $517, what would a fair price be for something like that?

    Opinions of authenticity of camo/decal etc.?

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    I would say a fair price would be $200-250, but i very much doubt if youll be able to bargain them down, also i would be asking where these were found, the amount of damage to some of them may indicate near burial sites

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    Ok, I'll at least propose a reduction in price to the seller and see what he says. The helmet was found in the Novgorod region quite a few years back apparently. I don't know how I would be able to determine if it was found near a burial site or far as I can see most relic helmets are usually sold with a very vague indication of where they were actually found anyway, who knows where any of these are actually from...the Luftwaffe helmet isn't battle damaged anyway (edit: there is actually a bullethole/some damage to the back of the helmet upon closer review).
    No opinions on authenticity?
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