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Yes or No

Article about: The question is, is it real?

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    Quote by Australian Guy View Post
    No offence guys, but this is starting to become a bit like the other forum with monosyllabic answers. Please if you have "yes it's good" or "no it's bad" answer explain to the original poster why your giving the answer, otherwise he/she doesn't really learn.


    Grant, I couldn't have put it better, the whole reason for starting the thread was to show you all how good thing are getting, I've known Rex's work for a couple of years, and I've seen them up close, and unless you know, it is easy to say "bad" But what you need to know is WHY.

    These helmets are being sold as repros, he is one of the best in the business, using original methods to apply, and in some cases original paint! Now you tell me.........What happens in a few years time?

    As all you old soldiers know, camo is there to break up the shape, not look nice. Too many helmets look nice
    This helmet is the only one Rex has going at the moment, but you should see some of his others

    I wasn't aware of any other threads, sorry, it was just a bit of much needed fun, which started to backfire

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    I'm glad he did mark it, but I for one would like to know all the "negative" pointers that would have given it away if it wasn't listed on ebay and just turned up un marked with a liner in it

    Really interesting exercise JMB, I don't think it backfired, but I do think it highlighted the need just to not say "bad" or "good"



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    Grant / John,

    My feelings mirror your own which is why i asked for proper and informative opinions , simple good/bad opinons are not what we want on these forums , people need to learn from informative posts and hopefully we can take the lead here !

    As far as helmet collecting goes Rex is a very dangerous man

    In 10 years time when someone has removed his repaint mark a lot of people are going to be out of pocket , unless they can learn what to look for,


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    I agree with you 100% I knew it was wrong, so did a lot of others, but how many did not truly know? I bet there were a few saying "it looks ok to me"

    Personally I do not like giving out too much information as to why things are wrong. It's not something you can teach someone with a few pointers. Fakers look at these forums too, and the less information they get the better.

    Camo's were virtually unheard of in the early 70's................. now look how many there are.

    I've got one camo, and believe me it is real! The price also reflects that, but why buy a real one for over 1000, and get some plonker who knows nothing to trash it, when you can go on e ban and get one that looks real, and you have no worries about someone pulling it apart. And then someone says "I think its real".....scarey

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