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Youth Helmet?

Article about: Hi guys. Can I get your opinions on this helmet? German lids are not usually my thing!

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    Default Youth Helmet?

    Hi guys. Can I get your opinions on this helmet? German lids are not usually my thing!Youth Helmet?Youth Helmet?Youth Helmet?

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    Default Re: Youth Helmet?

    Hi there, I think what you have here is a WW2 period fire helmet with a repro HJ decal. The cheap looking liner is OK for late war.

    As far as I know there is no wartime accepted HJ helmet decal. The party shield could be legit from these pics but it's hard to tell without a close up. The comb painted red is unusual.

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    Default Re: Youth Helmet?

    I have to admit i thought that the only type of a HJ decal on any helmet that was found had been painted on by the wearer and unofficially at that

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    Default Re: Youth Helmet?

    These helmets did exist, but what concerns me about this one is that the diamond does not have a distinct silver border around it, the chinstrap looks like a reproduction, liner looks like a reproduction, and I don't known if the HJ ever wore the party shield? (since you had to be at least age 18 to join the party) I'm sure somebody knows.

    I saw an HJ helmet a few days ago with the same decal configuration. I believe both this one and the other example I saw were nothing more then copies of an original HJ fire helmet. These are extremely rare, and to be honest I have never seen an original helmet with these decals. However, I would like to see a close up of the Party shield.


    Youth Helmet?

    (Photo from another thread)

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    Default Re: Youth Helmet?

    It's a fake, the party shield as well. Note how high it the circle sits and the way offset swaz.

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    Default Re: Youth Helmet?

    Thanks guys. I'll stay away from it.

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    Default Re: Youth Helmet?

    More info on the decals:

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    Default Re: Youth Helmet? is a somewhat useful resource, but there is a fair amount of misinformation on that site. Many of the decals shown for reference are inaccurate, and the site contains a fair amount of fake helmets being pictured as original. In my opinion the HJ section is one such example which is based, for the most part, purely on speculation.


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    Default Re: Youth Helmet?

    That HJ fire helmet is new to me, thanks for posting the pic of the uniforms.

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