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Could this be a Police sword

Article about: Bought this sword recently, Its made by Emil Voos, cant find it in any of my books, the sword has a silvered finish and a police knot on it, obviously knot could have been added later, but w

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    Default Could this be a Police sword

    Bought this sword recently, Its made by Emil Voos, cant find it in any of my books, the sword has a silvered finish and a police knot on it, obviously knot could have been added later, but with it being silvered I was wondering if it had been used as police sword, The eagle on the langet is hand applied and to a high standard IMO.
    I have showed a similar sword next to it on one photo to show the difference in colour.
    Any comments welcome.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Could this be a Police sword   Could this be a Police sword  

    Could this be a Police sword   Could this be a Police sword  

    Could this be a Police sword  

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    Hi Neil, Thank you for showing this sword. Voos, is not a common sword manufacturer and I would therefore consider it to be desireable. The design is a variation on a fairly common pattern and the hilt appears to be made from alloy? Is the whole hilt silver as parts look gold finished? when you use a flash, it can distort the colouration. The langet eagle looks like a mini work of art and engraved. It is not an eagle that I recognise but very well executed and attractive. Silver?? Not a usual finish for a sword of this type but common among plain hilted (NCO style) sabres. Although I speak without either seeing the sword or experience of handling a similar coloured item, I would offer the following possible explanations:

    1. An owner had a standard gold hilt, perhaps with wear and opted to remove some or all the gold finish for aethetic reasons? Check the undersides of the langets and under the leather washer under the quilon block. Look, with a magnifying glass, into the resseses of the hilt patterning and any other inaccessable areas etc. This is my peronal preferance as an explanation especially if it is only the langet(s) that is/are silver.
    2. The sword left the factory in an unfinished state? Doubtfull!
    3. For personal reasons the original buyer elected to buy a silver finished hilt? Possible.
    4. The purchaser belonged to an organisation that was entitled to carry a silver hilted sword? A municipal Police force??

    Personally, I do not believe it to be a police weapon regardless of the knot which is only an added accoutrement and may not be contemporary with the actual sword. Having given my personal opinion, it is only fair to say that pre 1936, vertuall all of the German Police forces carried Army style sabres so, yes, it could be police. Unfortunately, with my limited knowledge, I can not give you a catagoric Yes/No but only an opinion.

    I hope that this response is of help to you.

    Regards Michael R

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    Thanks for very detailed reply Michael, I will try and get some better photos over the weekend, In the light of day sword does look silver. But when using my compact digital camera there is a definite gold colour around the P guard. I Will use my Digital slr with Macro function and attempt better photos, the sword was part of a large collection a local dealer picked up mostly army swords, but there was this and a similar sword with a Police badge fixed onto the langet and again a police knot which is a sword I have seen described in various books. There was also a miners sword and some plain NCO silverd swords also with police or firemans knots attached. Again thanks for reply.

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    Hi Neil, The problem with plain hilted swords is that you add an appropriate knot to the hilt and turn the sword into vertually any organisation that suits you. The only real proof of orignal ownership would be identifiable serial numbers, commemorative etching or unit markings etc (all of which can and have been falcefied). In the case of certain organisations like the Fire Services, the style of scabbard can be a good identifiable factor. If a sword is purchased from a vet and has not been botched then the knot may be contemporary with the sword and its original organisation but in general terms, the knot is not an ideal point of identification. Even vets will tell you that they picked up a sword or dagger and subsequently adorned the item ith a "found" knot ergo, dagger knots on swords and bayonet knots on daggers etc. Likewise, langet and grip insignia are as hard or easy to apply as they were back in the 1930/40's. If a badge is attached using wire prongs through the langet or grip then I believe that there is a far greater chance of them being contemporary. Basically, buyer beware!!

    Cheers Michael R

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    Somewhat in parallel with Michael's thinking, my 'take' on the sword is as follows: An unplated sword when its worn in exposed areas, nicked, dinged, scratched etc. will show base metal where the damage occurs. Whereas a sword that is plated will show the base metal in damaged areas with the untouched areas intact. And from time to time, I've seen (faked) "silver" late zinc swords etc. that now have a silver (craft store) finish that with time starts self destructing exhibiting white zinc oxide corrosion byproducts. That said, if the silvering solution was applied to a brass hilted sword it just wears off. So why is the "silver" finish so prominent on the langet with all of the wear/damage?? Im sorry, but it's not one for me. Best Regards, Fred

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