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E.F. Horster Lionshead/Pantherhead Saber

Article about: Here you go Michael R. Added a couple of pics of my other swords (US Navy by Guant and 3 Japanese Katana - Last Ditch, Marine Landing and NCO). Hope the pic quality is good enough from a cel

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    lol I warned you it was mind boggling! It takes alot to impress me, but That collection does it!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Circuit advertisement E.F. Horster Lionshead/Pantherhead Saber
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    MAP is online now


    Nice sword...

    Not sure if your asking what the sword is or if it is just a lion or panther. So, assuming you don't know the sword (and hopefully not embarassing myself) it appears to be a Wehrmacht Lion's Head Sword. I can't tell from the pics but does the Lion head pommel have red glass eyes, a floral motif backstrap, and an oak leaf embellished knuckle-bow. The crossguard appears to have the open wing Wehrmacht eagle. I have one but not in as nice shape (Gold color is tarnished and blade has some typical pitting at the hilt (probably due to poor storage). Mine is made by E. Pack & Sohne Solingen.

    Note: I'm not a sword expert so happy if someone proves me wrong (I get to learn more...)

    Despite the quality of mine, it was purchased for less than $100.00 so not worried. Here are some pics (sorry for poor quality)

    E.F. Horster Lionshead/Pantherhead SaberE.F. Horster Lionshead/Pantherhead Saber

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    That's a cool sword, MAP. I once had a dovetail E. Pack that I regret selling. Won't make that mistake twice.

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    Hi Wagriff, You say the sweetest things!!!!
    Thank you for the recomendation
    Regards and best wishes MR

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    MAP is online now


    Hi Naptime, Thanks! Picked up for $100 (real cheap or so I think) a few years back from a friend who was looking to raise money for his Civil War collection. I think it was a garage sale find...

    That said, I'm not a sword expert. What's a Dove Tail. Are they anything special? And is E Pack any different than some of the other makers?

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    I'm no expert either but I do know that there are a lot of E. Pack collectors out there that buy up just about anything they can find from that manufacturer.

    It may actually be called a "dovehead" and not dovetail but it's just the design on the handle that looks like a dovehead. The others have a lionhead, panther head or maybe even a leopard head. I can't tell the difference sometimes but the dovehead is just the flat non-animal design. Here is a pic of the E. Pack Dovehead sword that I used to own...
    E.F. Horster Lionshead/Pantherhead Saber

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    Hi MAP, I read, with interest, your appraisal of Naptime's sword. I agree will all you say with one minor exception, the eagle on the cross guard is normally referred to as a "Political" eagle whereas the Wehrmacht Adler is a folded wing eagle as seen on Army Standards and the steel helmet. This is an observation and not, under any circumstances, meant as a critasism.

    Change of tack. The sword which you have shown is, in my opinion, an interesting item with some unusual features chief among which I would sight is the grip ferrul. If possible, could you post some more detailed photos of the grip (both sides) and langets as well as the full blade please? Even without these photos, were I to see your sword for sale, I would be happy to pay three times what you paid, so please do not appologise for it or its condition. You have a nice sword!!!!! If you use your flash when taking your photos, a couple of suggestions, angle the camera slightly in order to reduce flash back and take your pics in daylight. Hope you don't mind me sticking my nose in???
    Regards and best wishes Michael R

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    Hi Naptime, Congratulations!!! Another nice looking sword!
    Cheers MR

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    MAP is online now



    Mind? I don't mind at all. I welcome it. I'm just a guy who loves collecting. A jack of all stuff WWII. (Pistols, rifles, uniforms, badges, you name it.) Never expect that I know more than someone else...thats why I visit these learn. So critique all you want and I will learn and get better. Point in case...folded vs. unfolded. (Will make corrections to my spreadsheet now :-)

    I will take some pics and post them soon. Stay tuned..

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    MAP is online now


    Thanks Naptime. Learn something new every day.

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