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German Sword for Review. Help Mo!

Article about: Wittmann has it LISTED for 595 and its been on there forever, his prices are on the high side....250 is fair for this one, but for me personally I would save alittle more for something bette

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    Default German Sword for Review. Help Mo!

    Mo (ObKrieger) found this sword at a local surplus store. The owner of the establishment has offered it to him at cost, but he has to act fast. Otherwise, the sword goes in a display case for considerably more money.

    I know these photos aren't the greatest quality... but would someone be able give offer Mo an idea of what this sword is and whether or not it may be worth acquiring?

    Thanks in advance!

    German Sword for Review. Help Mo!German Sword for Review. Help Mo!German Sword for Review. Help Mo!German Sword for Review. Help Mo!German Sword for Review. Help Mo!

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    The sword looks Ok..but in rough condition. The blade in the last photo seems to be jutting out to the right away from the crossguard. Im not a sword guy..but from what i can see there are some issues of condition. and hard to match a price to what is being seen here in these photos. Michael Ryan..and John "maximus" are the forums sword guys..hopefully they will chime in soon.

    I just dont like the way the blade looks coming out from the grip like that. I get the feeling it has been apart. Regards Larry
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    HI, What you have there is a standard pattern Army Officer's sword with straight wing Political Eagle cross guard. I would suggest that it is a fairly late sword with a plated blade and gold washed alloy or pot metal hilt. I must agree with Larry re the last photo, the blade does look a bit odd due to the angle of the blade to the base of the guard and langet. However, that said, Photo 3, the sword in its scabard looks perfectly correct?? Is the hilt loose ergo can it be moved in relation to the blade? A common addition to early swords but less evident on later items is the fore finger leather loop positioned between the grip ferrule and the crossguard. Assuming that that is what it is, it is not unusual to see these partially removed having been snapped as would appear to be the case with this item. Is it worth aquiring? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so that question is down to you. I would say however, if it came my way at a reasonable price, yes it is worth having and yes I would buy it if it was ever offered to me!!! Hint!!! If you do buy it, be very carefull what you do about the grip wire!!!

    Hope this helps. Regards and best wishes Michael Ryan

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    I like Mo's blue nail polish.....Very fetching.
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    I agree-it looks original enough but I don't like the angled hilt and grips either. It may have been taken apart, as Larry said, or else the whole tang has been somehow bent. You can see the lean even when it's in the scabbard-it's closer to one side than the other and just the opposite view of the angle from the reverse side. Personally, I would not bother with it.

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    Think that the sword has been played with -one picture reflects what looks like leather between the grip ring and the crossguard - probably to stabilize the grip -

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    Hi guys!

    Sorry for not posting this myself. I have been super busy lately and my laptop hasn't been handy. I also apologize for the crappy pics, but this was the best I could do. Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply.

    The sword was a walk-in and he still hadn't put a price on it. He said he would let me have it for $250 before it goes up on the shelf for $400. I figure if I'm ever going to own one, now's my shot at a bargain. What do you guys think? Adopt this homeless sword oder nein?

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    Hi Mo, Personally I would pass on this one, agreeing with all that has been said so far, I know the price is very tempting but the condition is not all that great, these really are a dime a dozen right now and still very resonably priced across the board, karl over at SVM just listed a few nice swords including a nice Eickhorn for 360, which IMO is a much better deal then this one, just wait it out brother, save up some more, its not the quantity of the collection but the quality!

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    Issues aside, I think $250 is pretty fair. Most up here start
    at around $500 now-a-days ---- BUT, I'd suggest having
    a look over at SVM as Maximus pointed out, and see if
    you can't find a better one.........


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    It is a dove head sword E&F Horster; Wittmann sold one on its website for $595

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