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Makers mark ?

Article about: Hello Gent's , I have a WW2 panther head sword with this maker mark. I thought it was Paul Seilheimer because of the P S and Solingen, but all of his MM I found were different than this one.

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    So does anybody know where Paul Seilheimer rates as a maker?

    Semper Fi

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    Hello Phil yes Paul Seilheimer I found it on a nice KS98 I have I think he rates with the best blade makers I haven't had many of his pieces once on a sword and on KS98 pieces. timothy
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Makers mark ?   Makers mark ?  

    Makers mark ?  

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    Quote by AZPhil View Post
    So does anybody know where Paul Seilheimer rates as a maker?

    Semper Fi
    Hi Phil much of that depends what and how much of that specific item they produced..hard to say. Seilheimer is in the middle of an overall scale IMO. Regards Larry
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    Nice sword there Phil.........!


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    Thanks Gent's.
    The blade on this is cherry. The scabbard has some loss of the black paint,
    I'll take some more pic's , but this will be tomorrow. The family is calling and I MUST answer that call!!!

    PS: Timothy I really like that dress bayonet by PS.That would look awesome next to this sword
    I guess I see myself spending more money to make a PS display. The madness of it all.

    Take Care everybody and a GREAT Thanks to all that have help me with this!
    Semper Fi

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    Hi Phil, Nice, no, very nice sword. Seilheimer is not a common manufacturer and his pruducts are, in my opinion, both very attractive and of high quality. If you look at the finish of the fitments on your sword and at the eagle, they are almost works of art. Even the reverse cross guard and langet are very attractive and that is just the back! If I had the choice of several identical swords and one was a PS then that is the one that I would probably select.

    Cheers Michael

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