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Need help!!! Can anyone identify?? Real or fake??

Article about: Hi all, Can anyone help me with this one? Does it stand a chance of being authentic or not? Any feedback welcome. Annoyed from this ads?   Many thanks

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    Hi, You show an interesting sabre and one which I have never encountered before. I note in the responses a similar item for sale by a major trader so I must assume that If he recognises the pattern etc that he believes it to be original and contemporary with the period? Is he prepaired to risk his reputation on an item which, if the reponses thus far on the Forum are any sort of guide, are at best, very reserved? All I would be inclined to say is that it has a very "Chinese" look about it. For a supposedly high priced damascus small rose pattern bladed sword, it has a severe lack of precise detailing and very poor blade definition. The fuller looks very ill defined and the cutting edge looks indistinct. The etching looks unusual. The guard style looks like a cross between the 1876 style and the Justice official sword style with what appears to be a one piece cross guard and langet based on some of the styles favoured by the firms of Seilheimer and Holler but without the finess of either. All this said, it could be real and very rare? I honestly do not know!! It is not for me to say that in my opinion, yes it is real, or no it is not. However, it would take a lot of persuasion and proof to make me want to spend my money on it. I would add that this is only opinion and not based on proveable facts or references!
    Cheers Michael Ryan

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    Circuit advertisement Need help!!! Can anyone identify?? Real or fake??
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    Thanks for the feedback Michael.

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    The Regt certainly existed:

    Artillerieregimenter der Reichswehr - Lexikon der Wehrmacht

    I except your comments guys. But I feel the sword is OK.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Do they eyes have Pupils in them? In photo #4, they clearly do Not and in photo 16, they clearly Do. There was posted here recently a superb Imperial sabre with pupils and this seemed to be an indication of a very high end piece's "extra embellishment". The jewels on This piece, however, are faceted and not cabochon as the Imperial had.
    I have to say that, over all, I do not really feel all that comfortable with this sabre. The gold lettering is extremely shiny and shows very little sheath marks and there is a quite noticeable flaw in the gold line above the "ARTL" part of the inscription. The panther seems awfully dull and plainly made for a Damascus(or imitation Damascus) bladed presentation piece. The decoration on the guard and back strap are soft in appearance as well-the oak leaves in particular are almost shapeless and I had to look twice to see just what they actually were. I don't know if I would be satisfied with this one-it would likely bother me.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    here are my 2 cents:
    All 3 swords shown have 1 thing in common: bad building quality.
    First what comes up most be the question when where these sword build, for who....and by who?
    As all three have different blades and none come so far in any Brand catalogue we can assume its not a well known pattern.
    First: the building quality in the art deco period was very high, all three are not.
    The ahorn on the crossguard mostly reffer to Forestry, but the rest of the filt looks odd with it.
    Then the key to this:
    1 hilt type, 3 different blades: creams fake!!
    For me all three swords are not genuine early 20th century build swords, but badly produced fakes.
    I would not feel comfortable with one of there sword, no matter which person would sell it.
    Study first, buy later, not visa versa.
    But then again, these are only my observations...
    As the banking world Always say:
    Profits in the past give no garanty for the future...

    I would take Michael and Williams advise at heart, and look for something else...


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