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need help with ruby eyes

Article about: Hey guys I'm waiting for this imperial sword to arrive. But meanwhile I want you to show you these pictures. What is your opinion on those ruby eyes? Regards Annoyed from this ads?  

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    thank you guys,i will make some pictures soon.


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    Circuit advertisement need help with ruby eyes
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    The langet was also what caught my eye like SteveR mentioned. I hope that will be part of your pic's.
    If the eyes are rubies or not, That looks to be a beautiful sword. I look forward to more complete pic's.
    Semper Fi

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    A real stunner Ivan! Look forward to seeing more.. Kevin.

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    Ok,here are some pictures.
    IMO,the eyes are period

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    They definitely seem to have Age to them. If they Are original, they are almost certainly unique! I wonder who did this and what was the purpose or reasoning behind it? Either way, it's a show stopper of a sword and I very much like it! I know that I've never seen one like it! I'm almost afraid to ask how much you had to pay for it!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Hi Stingray, First, may I please complement you on your aquisition of possibly the finest specimin of an Imperial Army Officer's sabre that has crossed my line of vision!!! Stunning is how I would describe the sword's aesthetics and, quality from what I can see, oozes from it! It appears to have all the attributes of an item that once belonged to a member of the aristocracy, a very senior officer or a presentation piece for service or some act of valour?? I could be wrong on all three!! Is the blade etched? If so is it named and /or does it have any regimental affiliation? Or indeed do you have any history or provenance with it? Is there a manufacturer's logo or name on the blade? I can not quite see what is on the riccaso. The spine marking is possibly a retailer rather than a manufcturer???

    Re the photos, if only for security reasons, I would get a photographer to take both long and very close up detail shots of the sword. I speak from experience as I lost a number of swords which were on display to a shop lifter and the first question from the police was "Have you got any pictures?" Like the other contributers to this thread and having handled a lot of swords with animal head pommels, I have never come accross eyes of the style or type that your sword displays. They were possibly added at some latter date but in my opinion they are almost certainly contemporary with the manufacture of the weapon. An expencive, possibly "one off" sword like yours will have been built to the specifications of the buyer. Ergo, "Who pays the piper, calls the tune". so if the buyer wanted something different by way of eyes then I am pretty sure that the manufacturer would accord and comply with his wishes??? One small querry I would raise is the guard star on the obverse langet. It appears to be out of line, with the eagle almost inverted?? I would be surprissed if that is its correct position. However, on the assumption that it is retained by fold over wire pongs through the langet and not supper glue I would be inclined to believe that, perhaps, it had been either removed for post 1918 wear or for some other reason and had been replaced by someone needing glasses.

    In summary, yes the eyes appear non standard and yes the guard star looks off line but if they are the only apparent annomilies, it looks like a fine item. If I were to be asked for an opinion on this sword, based purely on the photographic evidence, not realy good enough and not having handled the sword, all I would say is that I would put my money where my mouth is and buy it!!

    I hope that my ramblings are of interest and make sense.
    Cheers MR

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    Hi Again, As a matter of interest, you may be interested in this link to a thread covering a selection of langet and ferrule patterns found on Imperial swords. There are also one or two langets with stars etc removed. Cheers MR

    PS Judging by the quality and one or two other pointers, I would guess at the manufacturer being WKC?????

    An Aid to Manufacturer Identification -- Other Langet Designs

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    Hi Once again, I have been doing a bit of research on this subject and although I can not read the full spine inscription and can not read the first part, could it read "Grasser"? "HOFWAFFEN FABRIK" refers to arms purveyor or manufacturer to the Court (Royal). Apparently Grasser was appointed to the Austrian Royal Court. Perhaps he also opperated out of Berlin?? With better photos, I may be able to tie your sword down better??

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    Thank you Ryan,I was waiting for you to show up :-)
    I will try to make some better pictures.
    There is no maker mark,but I also think that is a WKC sword.
    The blade is only plane damascus without any etching.
    The eyes are glass and I would say, that they are original to the sword.
    The guard star is pinned and why is turned,that's a mystery to me.

    I collect mostly WW2 daggers and swords but I started to get to these beautiful and relatively unappreciated imperial swords.
    They are very beautiful with lots of hand works.
    I love them :-).


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    "The blade is only plane Damascus".....LMAO.. great Sword Ivan! I love the Grotesque hand enhanced casting on the langet!! Just beauty all around..Congrats! Kevin.

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