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A Nice Start to the New Year

Article about: Krebs 2nd pattern trademark, approximately 1937 vintage.

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    I agree.

    A fully plated 2nd mark krebs in this condition would be my cup of tea. 👍
    As you know I can't get into the solid nickel hilt/plated scabbard combo we usually see - I prefer one metal or the other!

    How long is the blade? Is it the matt finish we usually see?

    Rgds matty

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    All matte finish and never been touched, in regards to the 29 1/2" blade. One of the shorter examples that you will encounter.
    I've had many early nickel SS degens, but only one, where the scabbard fittings were nickel, to match the hilt. This combination was very short lived, and probably 90 days on the outside. In all likelihood, the all nickel 1st pattern, was only found in the introductory M36 examples. You just don't see them.

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    Well it's a beautiful example anyway JR.

    The early degen I have (the one you know) has solid nickel scabbard fittings. I was quite lucky to be the man to re-home that by the sounds of things.

    It's nice to see your sword has a straight scabbard. Quite an issue finding isnt it? - most seem to have dings, or 'door squashes' of some kind.
    I often think that's why you see so many sword scabbards resprayed, most likely hiding filler underneath!

    Best matty

    Ps. Nice knot by the way, rarity on its own!

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    The scabbards hung out like a kangaroo's tail. They fell down in corners, had items piled on them, were difficult to store, and generally were banged around, war time and after. As you mention, very seldom are they found without some type of ding, dent, dog leg, or crease. And more times than not, have had a spot or 2 touched up on them. This one is very straight, with all but a couple scuffs, to the original enamel.

    - - ------- - -

    But most importantly,...................... thank you all for the kind words, gentlemen.

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    An absolute gem.

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    Creme del la Creme JR...the details and overall quality speaks for itself to the advanced collector..and teaches the novice. I like the knot with the short Runes

    Great start to the New Year . Best Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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