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Sword Identification

Article about: PLease help id this sword. Im having trouble finding out anything about this sword. I have not found another like it and am not sure where to go. It was in my uncles things from germany. He

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    I am going to let you guys make the call, but it looks pakistan looking to me, but hey I could be wrong.


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    There is not markings other than right next to the hand gurad on the blade is marked KARL REUL WIEN. Its not done in rough or messy engraving its clean straight lettering. No makers stamp or images to be found.

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    Please let me know if anyone can think or find anything else. Im going to keep looking and will post if I find anything. Thanks for the help. Im out for the night..

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    This kind of reminds me of this sword:

    Scroll down to about halfway on this page:
    Snyder's Treasures -- KKK Ku Klux Klan Memorabilia

    Its not eh exact same sword, but kinda looks similar.

    Good luck finding what it is.

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    And please guys, I really dont mean to be offensive by posting KKK material, but it is lister under the fraternal orgazinations. I do not condone the kkk in anyway.

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    Wish you luck on this maybe Bob can help futher!
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    Karl Reul Wien very likely indicates Vienna (Austria), not Germany. And it's not a fantasy piece IMO, but instead a lodge/fraternal sword. With virtually an identical skull pommel seen on Imperial era lodge/fraternal daggers - some of which which also had Masonic symbols.

    And I am not saying this is the case here. But with some of the skull pommel/top daggers I've seen for sale, they have been advertised as coming from the KZ's or similar places. With the suggestion that the skull on the daggers somehow indicated ownership by "SS" camp guards etc. etc. Which by itself is pure fantasy because the lodges were suppressed during the Third Reich. Not that it impacted some fairly wild claims by those trying to sell such items. Which I won't go into other than to say they were inappropriate. FP

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    The only other reference to the maker from a quick search of the internet is for the sale of a relic Roman gladius at a recent auction. The piece is described as "Kostümschwert" - Costume sword from late nineteenth/early twentieth century.

    Not sure if that helps or not but thought I would post it.



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    Thank you for all the information. Im going to keep looking and see if I can find an origin and purpose for this sword. I was not sure of time, era or use and was only posting it here because it was with my uncles things from ww2 germany.
    Again Thanks for the help and If i can find a match i will post it and let you know what I found.

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