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Swords, Sabres and Imperial during the Third Reich

Article about: Hi All, I have looked at some pretty comprehensive and very interesting collections on the forum but seen little or nothing on German swords. So I thought that I would try and redress the ba

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    Default Re: Anyone else like German swords??

    Hey Michael,
    I have got a large collection of die's to make all kind of things, like button's, insigna's etc...
    Just came by one i tought you would like to see; here is the die to make the reinforcement at the end of the scaccbard, I think called , "chape"!
    Sorry but I can't tell you for witch sword it was entended....
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Name:	sabel uiteinde 003.jpg 
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    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Hi Michael,

    i have seen a sword for sale that differs from anything ive seen before.
    Do you have any idea what it is?
    Its hunt related looking at the guard etc., but the combo with a lionshead?
    Any info would be great!

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    For me look more like long hunting dagger.
    (Hunting edged weapon is not my interest)
    Is the blade etching?


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    This is all i have Nordland, no info, no more pics.

    most prob. its a Hirschfanger, but having the horn and the lionshead it also could be a Jager regimental hirschfanger from Switzerland.


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    Hi Ger, Thanks for the pics and message. Like Nordland, I am inclined to the thought that the weapon is a high quality hunting cutlass or side arm? Judging by the grip length, I would estimate the blade at circa 30 inches which could make it a long bladed dagger or a short sword, IMO, probably the latter. It probably had a leather scabbard with three fitments similar to a Luft dagger but in brass and a miniature "skinning" knife?? I am very impressed by the hilt style and would be inclined to believe that it was a purchasers choice rather than a specific organisational style. In any event, sword or dagger, I would be very happy to have it in my collection!!! I have added pics of a couple of my hunting side arms both with 19.5 inch blades and both of which I would catagorise as daggers. Yours looks a good deal longer and with a more robust blade ergo sword??

    Regards Michael R

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    Thx Michael for the response.

    i have asked info about the hunting cutlass, its lenght etc.
    I think the scabbard is no longer there.
    If you would be interested in the piece then what would be a good price?


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    Hi Ger, I would imagine that without a scabbard and probably of limited collector interest (not being military nore TR and possibly not even German) it would be something in the order of circa £150 to £250 relatve to its overall condition. The Lion looks very similar to that worn on a couple of Dutch swords in my collection?? Please bear in mind that this is more a guess than a valuation so I could be way off the mark either way. Other than having a scabbard made, a replacement of the right style, right length, right age etc would be almost imposible to find but who knows, someone out there may have one??
    Cheers again Michael R

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    There are some really, really nice swords posted here in this thread. With swords sometimes not getting as much attention as the daggers and dress bayonets, which became the more significant for military off duty use (in terms of numbers that were made) for edged weapons in use by both military and non-military users of the TR era. With another less well represented group (IMO) being the swords that were used by the actual combatants. And here is a “father and son” pair of swords that show how the evolution took place of a fighting sword that became a dress weapon: The Preußischer Kürassierpallasch M 1817 and its “son”, an Imperial era Prussian Kürassier Officer’s sword. Fred
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Kur1817-Imp Kur Ofc.jpg 
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    Hi Frogprince/Fred, Thank you for you most interesting message. Two very attractive early swords. One elegant and lightweight and the other purely designed as a utilitarian piece of weaponry. Totally diferent useage yet basically of the same liniage! Very nice.
    Are the swords part of your collection? And, are you a sword collector. My theory on blade collecting is that with a dagger, you take the risk of so many bangers on the market but with a sword you usually get a nice big lump which is almost always original and often of far better quality and at a realistic price. I have just purchased two German diplomatic/governmental court swords, pre WW1 for less than I would expect to pay for a ropy 33 SS dagger. Individually, both are rarer than most of the daggers that come on to the market these days and are a damn sight more attractive. Having said all that, I still like my daggers!! If you are a sword man, I would be very interested to see some of them!!

    Cheers for now Michael R

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    Hi Friends, I have sorted some more swords for show and hope that you find them of interest.
    Cheers once again Michael R

    Click image for larger version. 

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