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Swords of the Third Reich, Imperial through 1945 - Quick Reference

Article about: Cheers Larry!!!!! Regards Michael R

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    Good Morning Fred!! Thank you for your replies. I like your analytical approach to these old swords and have made my first job this bright Sunday morning, a venture into the garage with guess what, yup, a magnet. No, the hilt is nonmagnetic and I would suggest it is of gilded brass. Like you and Ivan (Stingray?), I am also inclined to think possibly Weimar or even pre WW1. My main reservation is the lack of state affiliation or commemorative title in the Regimental number. From my research, there are several Cavalry Regiments numbered 14 across the old early German states and usually differentiated by either state or commemoration affiliation?? Not necessarily all though?? In my collection records I have categorised the sabre as Imperial??

    Now, back to my original question about date, you did not mention TR?? The reverse of the blade bears an interesting etch for what I call an Imperial weapon. As you have said, and I totally agree, Imperial and or Weimar swords can and do go through transitions as I suggested in #3 above and the weapon which is the subject of this initial post is just such a sword IMO? The etching on the second cavalry sword, again IMO, is conclusive evidence of a transitional blade even more so than the damascus sword. Would you agree?? By the way, my question to you was not me being a smart ass, I am just hoping to present proof positive of weapons being updated to suit political change etc. Of course, once again I could be barking up the wrong tree or just barking (mad)

    On the subject of why replace an Imperial WKC hilt with the TR CE Wrangel hilt, my preferred explanation, though by no means provable, is the possibility of some form of family affiliation with the 3rd (East Prussian) Cuirassiers "Count Wrangel"??? Or the GFM himself??

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    I await with bated breath, your opinions!!!

    Cheers Michael

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    Hi Stingray/Ivan? Thank you for your contribution. True to form for this Forum, you present information and opinion in both an interesting, constructive and informative format. Please feel free to give your opinions on any of my threads as I greatly appreciate intelligent and informed debate!!! Also, if you strongly disagree with me and are reserved about giving your opinion, please do not hesitate to PM me.

    With thanks, regards and best wishes Michael

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    Good Afternoon Michael, I will be out until the later part of today so this will have to be brief. The blade significantly changes the equation: I had thought that the dull silver color that Iím still seeing in the images was an iron/steel base where portions of the gold color plating were missing that had been cleaned to a bare metal. Traditional Imperial cavalry etc. style hilts still being offered in catalogs (and some swords) at least as late as 1938. So for myself the next trip would be outside to see the hilt in sunlight (or indoors with the right kind of lighting) trying to determine if the hilt might be plating over zinc with portions of it having aged to a dull silver color. Which of course would be later (post 1935) in the TR era. As for the regimental number thatís something that I didnít have time to look into earlier yesterday that I could try and check out when I get back. Best Regards, Fred

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    Michael, The Weimar area in general is not particularly an area of specialization for me so Iím lacking hardcopy backup information with the following possibly requiring some fact checking if you think that itís needed. As a part of the Reichswehr, the regiment early in the history of Weimar Republic was incorporated into the 3rd Cavalry Divison as a Prussian-Mecklenburg cavalry regiment. With the change in government there were some changes and in 1936 it was renamed ďKavallerie-Regiment 14Ē as a part of the XI. Armeekorps. But during the mobilizations of 1938 it seems to have been broken up into multiple reconnaissance squadrons, with the remainder organized as cavalry replacement battalion/detachment number 14 (Kavallerie-Ersatz-Abteilung 14). Later transforming to a bicycle related unit before being dissolved in 1944 to form another Kavallerie-Ersatz-Abteilung. Does that information conform to the timeline for the physical construction characteristics of the sword? Best Regards, Fred

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    Hi Fred, Thank you for your two messages and info etc. I will dig the sword out and do a bit of checking re its construction and trade marks etc. Once I know what I am talking about, I will contact you. Hopefully today!!

    Cheers Michael

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    Quote by Michael Ryan View Post
    Hi Fred, Thank you for your two messages and info etc. I will dig the sword out and do a bit of checking re its construction and trade marks etc. Once I know what I am talking about, I will contact you. Hopefully today!!

    Cheers Michael
    Michael, As an assist here are two images that I processed using my primary machine that I think better shows what I seem to be seeing (the matte gray coloration) and I'm looking forward to a better understanding of the sword. With that said ......... IMO it has a "killer" etch (ie: very impressive) and I can certainly understand why you acquired it. Best Regards, Fred
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