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Unknown Sword HELP NEEDED!!

Article about: This sword is coming up for auction not sure if its WWI or WWII. Any information would be very a pprecaited. Thanks in advance for your help. I posted a photo of it in the imperial german fo

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    Robert, Saxony might have been something of a shot in the dark. But if you had said Prussia, there were several Imperial era cavalry officer's sabers that had comparable bird's head type back pieces for the hilts that were probably the inspiration for later versions. Best Regards, Fred

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    Hi Robert, Thank you for your response. A word of caution, if a sword was made in 1935 then the same or identical sword could be made in 2005 ergo copiers will and can copy anything from the Crown Jewels to a black wound badge!! Buyer beware. Fotunately, daggers command higher prices and are more saleable so swords tend to be lesser targets for the copiers. From the photo, I am of the opinion that the sword is good and will probably command a fairly high price. Johnson has a similar sword on at a pretty high price. I know that the Eickhorn patern swords for these organisations have been copied but I am not aware of copies of the other patterns. Unfortunately, it is relatively simple to cast a back strap in brass and swap it for a dove or lion head on an original weapon. Have a realy good look at the crown of the eagle's head, the tang will have been peened over and "probably" disguised using a small piece of brass which will be etched to hide its shape. The hilt should be tight, and there should be NO evidence of tampering. The proportions should look right, which in your photo, they do, and the general wear from handling and toning etc should be consistent. Hope this helps??

    I hope you get it and that it is a good buy!!

    Cheers MR

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    Thanks so much for your help and information Michael. I will give the sword a real good look over, hopefully I can get it. I will let yall know how it goes. Thanks, Robert

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    Well friends I am at the auction right now the sword looks bad the blade is marked eickhorn and is put together off center and looks crude on the top of the eagles head. I think I am going to stick around and see what happens as they have some more common german dove head style swords and Japanese that is a little rough around the edges but I am sure is legit. Thanks, again Micheal and every one for help with this sword with out your information I would be getting taken.
    Thanks, Robert

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    Looks like the so called "Armistice Saber" as noted in Angloia,a Swords of Germany page#287. Would be interesting to see whats on the obverse langet?

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    It looked like an eagle holding olive branches on the other side

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    What does the book say about it?

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    That's it - the obverse langet bears an eagle in flight clutching a olive branch - the book indicates that one known example bore an inscription dated Sept 45, which would indicate that the saber was issued after WWII ended.
    "He who hesitates is lost - is not only lost but miles from the next exit"

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    It's too bad this one has been put together and is not the one te book speaks of. Thanks for sharing that though that is interesting.

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    Great and informative thread Gents
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