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WH sword with left rotated svastika. Helps needed

Article about: Hello, need help with this item. I wonder why svastica is on another side. Use to there were some rumors, it is very early production...This is second piece I ever seen...Thanks all for help

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    Hi Fred, As you know, I have a very high regard for your opinions and if you believe this sword to be TR and of pre 1945 manufacture then I am not going to argue. Please bear in mind that what I expound are only opinions born of my experience and not historical fact. Personally, I do not like the item and whilst we may be sitting on either side of the fence only provable evidence of some sort will remove that fence. I would go as far as to say, this sword is either a very rare, possibly one off variation or spurious????

    I will get my catalogue out and see what, if any, Voos swords I have. If I have and they shed any light on this discussion then I will post them. Your Lion Head with eagle looks good to me, not to mention very desirable!!! My only question would be the dot at the centre of the swastika. The only item with a bastardised swastika that springs to mind and I am probably wrong, is the NSDAP Political Leader's armband? In that case, a pip.

    Cheers Michael

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    Circuit advertisement WH sword with left rotated svastika. Helps needed
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    Hello Michael, We are alike in that I’ve never really had the desire to own something that I had to do a lot of explaining of why an item was legitimate because it’s outside the normal parameters of what it should be. Opting instead for the conventional type - the dot, dimple, divot or whatever you want call it is OK for a Voos. I’ve seen more than a couple of them (reversed) and would be the first one to denounce them as fakes if that is what I truly believed. With the one thing that I am very conscious of as a collector is trying to be as honest as I can possibly be with the best knowledge that I have. Because I know that there are fakers and false “experts” out there trying to make money by selling postwar junk and/or “humped up” items to unsuspecting collectors. And early on when it happened to me I could have either stopped collecting, or developed my own expertise which is what I did. And where I lacked it I sought out those had the expertise, but did not see me through $$$$ shaped glasses. The bottom line being that I think that these swords are very strange/unusual - but period. With My Best Regards, Fred

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