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Albums Gone again

Article about: All my albums are gone again, very strane, and I have tried with diffret browsers and Pc's, I just have to get used to that they dissapear. Best regards Annoyed from this ads?   John

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    I have to agree with another member told me the same thing on the dagger I can see the albums..but their message to me was that they could not. I feel the Mods have the capability but the members can not.

    A question for Dimas for sure
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    Quote by Anon View Post
    Maybe only the mods can see them?

    No idea why this is happening.
    Is it because I is black???
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    Quote by big ned View Post
    Is it because I is black???
    No, just because you are not worthy.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    They are not gone. They are accessible. I just change some permissions. Please check all. If not works, please let me know, being answer here

    my Skype: warrelics

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