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ART Section???

Article about: Ade, Dimas - What do you two think of Horst's and Kris's proposals? And about Nick's - Combining the trench art section with new sub-sections pertaining to additional "art" topics

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    Default ART Section???

    There are those that enjoy the fine Art of WWI & WWII i.e the steins,Pocelain figures i.e. Allach etc but there is no specific section on the forum to post. For example I just posted a Porcelain drummer on the "trench Art" section for no better place to show it.
    Would appreciate your consideration in a possible section for this type of material.


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    Default Re: ART Section???


    I'm all for it if you are willing to oversee and perhaps moderate this new forum and keep it active.

    If so, I would think that the next step would be to run this idea by Ade & Dimas.

    Cheers - Richie
    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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    SS Ring Man

    Default Re: ART Section???

    I enjoy everything but dug stuff to much rust for my book

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    Default Re: ART Section???

    Quote by SS Ring Man View Post
    I enjoy everything but dug stuff to much rust for my book


    Please reverberate, I did not understand your post as it pertains to this theme...
    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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    SS Ring Man

    Default Re: ART Section???

    It lke this if it cake on rust all the wounder is lost that all,it just and old thing lost in time.I bang around battel field's long enuff I like the look of things that have history about it,just not rusted to some kind of thing fom outter space that no one can I.D. that all.As for art I love it,it is mankind totel self his mark up the world that tell's everyone around I was hear.I was just stateing my love for art and my disstain for rust and all thing's dug

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    Default Re: ART Section???

    Probably we need a new section like " 3 Reich Ephemera:" or Porcelain, Arts etc?

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: ART Section???

    That title sounds fine. The main thing with any new sub forum is to keep it interesting and viable with regular posts.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: ART Section???

    Why not yust rename the 'trench art' forum into the 'art' forum...


    Nick VR

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    Default Re: ART Section???

    Richie - I would be more than happy to moderate a Forum related to III Reich art although my area of collecting is in the Political Leader arena I know that fellow members like Kris L. and John(JMB) would keep me straight and assist when needed.

    Nick VR ,s suggestion is also pliable as it would combine both topics related to Art in the III Reich in the field and in the Reich itself.


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    Default Re: ART Section???

    I try and avoid responsibility if possible. However, if its set up I will help with it and contribute what I can.

    An art section is a good idea in my opinion and if someone would want to partner up I would be o.k with that, but I am still pounding the keyboard with the website and would hate to take a title at this point as I am buried. If I have someone to poke me with a stick here and there to remind me its better.

    Horst could run this with ease and contact me when needed or if something falls off and feels a new piece might be nice. That would work for me.



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