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Can a glass case hurt my stuff?

Article about: It's always nice to assist young collectors. No worries Aleks, and thank you for the kind words. PM received and they will be in the mail this week. Cheers Doug

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    sorry chris ,i should of mentioned the very nice collection you have alsoas you have highlighted a problem with showing displays in the right conditions i hope you dont mind me posting here but i have my own concerns about daylight and what damage can be done ,at a certain time in the day the sun can directly hit my gasmask collection so that why i was asking about the risk of ignition especially with all those glass lenses involved ,its a similar scenario Can a glass case hurt my stuff?

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    James, you might want to put a sheer curtain on the window
    for indirect light, or an opaque one that can be opened
    whenever you need extra light in the room.

    Sunlight ( UV ) can not only fade cloth and materials,
    but could affect the rubber on those masks.........


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    thats a good point too steve ,i never even gave thought to the rubber degrading ,thanks for your comments

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    Oh and if the glass pushes down on the medal can the hurt the medal? Could it bend the medal.

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    I collect, therefore I am.

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    many thanks stefan ,thats a real good link you provided ,i will now be much more aware of the right conditions and hopefully provide them ,thanks james

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    Quote by Chrisk View Post
    Oh and if the glass pushes down on the medal can the hurt the medal? Could it bend the medal.
    It should be fine, the glass is only pushing the medals etc into the backing foam!..
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    Nothing lasts forever so just be sensible with regard to sunlight, heat & humidity and you should be good for your lifetime at least. After that, are you going to care?

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    Wood is generally not advisable to make case from either as they have all sorts of natural oils that off gas into the microclimate of the case interior and cause corrosion on metals etc. The finishes can also let off gasses etc. Metal cases are best, or riker cases are a nice cheap safe option.

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    I just removed my stuff from my cases that were inside the cabinet but the cabinet is made from wood.

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