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Can a glass case hurt my stuff?

Article about: It's always nice to assist young collectors. No worries Aleks, and thank you for the kind words. PM received and they will be in the mail this week. Cheers Doug

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    Can a glass case hurt my stuff?

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    Great thread Guys Cool militaria
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    You'll only have trouble if Barney Gumble cant find anywhere else to rest his beer!!!!

    Attached Images Attached Images Can a glass case hurt my stuff? 
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    Sorry I have to say ---- If you step on it with force Yes!!!

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    I don't think that the wooden case will harm any of your objects, especially if nothing inside is actually touching the wood. However, if you're concerned about it, then I recommend a switch to riker mount cases. They are inert, and the pressure of the glass against the medals or pins won't harm them in any way, assuming you don't put any additional weight on top. I use them for my small items, and I've been using them for years for other things as well.

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    Thanks guys

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    For what it is worth.....

    - I keep all my items in a room that has room darkening shades, no direct or indirect sunlight. Only open the shades when I have company . Door is also always closed (to keep my kids and wife out )
    - All items with leather, paper and cloth are away from any heat source
    - All medals are in glass cases facing away from windows
    - Have hard foam insulation around the baseboard heaters to direct heat up and away from my barrister bookcases which house many of my items
    - Tempature in the room is also set a bit lower than the rest of the house.

    Maybe overkill but don't want to loose all that $.

    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Keep them out of direct sunlight and your A O K. These wooden cases are much more elegant and durable than riker mounts, more versatile as you can wall mount them like a picture frame, more durable, and you can lock them to keep those curious prying fingers out of them.

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    Ive put my stuff back in the cases, what is a good temperature to be at. I keep it at 75/76 during the day and 72 at night.

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    Can a glass case hurt my stuff?

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