Thanks for the info. I have only listed very few items on here, all BIN listings and I've always tried maintaining my Gold member status.

Either way, this would still allow for a fee as low as $10 (100 day Gold) which is hardly anything worth mentioning when being enabled to freely sell thousands of dollars worth in insignia --- especially if compared to actual auction houses.

My main point was simply that it's a bit unrealistic to expect the same amount of "coverage" and security as you might get with an expensive auction house --- like I said, it's hard to avoid the bad eggs 100%, especially when the auction service is practically free (plus free appraisal, authentication and ID of items) and the buying/selling rules are this relatively liberal/non-restrictive. That said, I still think auction style listings are just fine but perhaps the rules need to be tweaked somewhat to better cover both sellers and buyers/bidders.