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Having problems posting pics

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    Default Re: Having problems posting pics

    I cannot upload any photos myself, I tried using google chrome and IE but nothings working for me. I tried making the photos smaller also, nothing.

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    Default Re: Having problems posting pics

    Unable to upload also

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    Default Re: Having problems posting pics

    The issue is being work, all problems must be solved asap, it must take a time, but we'll get it solved

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: Having problems posting pics

    It works with me now Dimas, I'm not sure, but I used photobucket, and didn't get any links, just showd up as usual

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    Default Re: Having problems posting pics

    The issue is within the forum's software.

    Please, try and refrain using outside image hosting websites - like photobucket and imgeshack - until Dimas works out the "bugs" that currently plague us.

    See here: Please don't use picture hosting from other picture hosting sites for the forum - Kindly review Ade's posts....
    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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    Default Re: Having problems posting pics

    Dimas, I can't upload any images. Somehow I managed to upload one image yesterday (Having deleted every image I have ever posted ). I have followed all of the advice on the various threads about uploading and it just doesn't want to play. I have tried uploading in the 'old' way and although it appears to be uploading it doesn't like the larger files (I assume they're larger, I don't know my MB from my KB!) as they come up with a red '!' saying 'upload failed'. I have tried uploading single smaller files and although they appear to be working they don't actually upload.
    Please don't be confused by my use of computer terms 'files, upload, etc', I know nothing about computers other than searching Google and buying things off Ebay, I don't know the difference between uploading and downloading, etc. Would hitting my computer really hard with a lump hammer help? Is there an idiots guide, preferably with pictures of a smiley cartoon character telling you exactly what button to press? Failing that is there anyway for me to draw a picture of my items and fax it to the moderators or send a message by carrier pigeon?

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    Default Re: Having problems posting pics

    My window also reads 'Upload failed' (!)
    It's been this way since Monday AM.........


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    Default Re: Having problems posting pics

    I just tried to upload some pictures... and failed yet again. Hopefully the guy's in charge will be able to sort out this problem. I am not capable of re-working my photos in to a smaller format thats why I like this site so much. Even I could take photos on my camera and have them on the Forum within 5 minutes....... PLEASE go back to the old way, some of us old farts just can't cope!!!!!

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    Default Re: Having problems posting pics

    I tried to load some photos about an hour ago. They were about 1.2mb each and I had no joy. It appeared as if they had uploaded but then the window froze and nothing........

    The only way I could get them to upload was to reduce them in size by about 50% and then it worked. Bit of a pain as it was great to just be able to upload direct from the camera without arsing about too much, resizing etc, plus the quality of the images I have uploaded are not great now as a result.

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    Default Re: Having problems posting pics

    Well, i have never had any problems at all up to 5 MB, but now it also starts to play around with me on both of my PC's! Normally the up loader window background is black, but now it's white. Like the background in "Settings"/"Likes". May be a hint, but can't say of course. I managed to upload 2 out of 8 pics.

    Regards, Lars

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