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Article about: Are these post's below this one for real or have we been hijacked?

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    Default Hijacked?

    Are these post's below this one for real or have we been hijacked?

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    Default Re: Hijacked?

    I just noticed that. This guy.

    Spamming some advert for ugg boots......

    If you pull up the last 100 top stats entries you'll see what he did. Some bot that posts 10 or 20 at a time.

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    Default Re: Hijacked?

    I just reported them and they've been removed, Dimas is quick off the mark with these buggers, the problem is it takes up a lot of our inbox messages and we have to keep removing them

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    Default Re: Hijacked?

    Because he had more than 50 posts, he must be 'given the boot'
    by a greater power.........!
    Last edited by Walkwolf; 04-03-2012 at 02:20 AM.


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    Default Re: Hijacked?

    Why would someone with 70 posts do something like this.
    I don't get it.These actions would be more expected from a 1-2 post member who joined for the sole reason of disrupting the forum(we have all seen these post's before).
    Did he bare a grudge or something similar?
    All's well that end's well I guess.

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    Default Re: Hijacked?

    Sorry all my mistake,the 70 post's were today.

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    Default Re: Hijacked?

    All the posts I saw were of him trying to sell bridal gowns... not cool

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    Default Re: Hijacked?

    Lol there like telemarketers they dont stop.

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    Default Re: Hijacked?

    It shows the member is now banned but still on the forum when I just checked his Profile a couple of minutes ago .
    I was wondering what was up with the weird replies to my Email.

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: Hijacked?

    All gone!

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