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IE Explorer issues

Article about: Yes....I'm still using IE Explorer But just today, I can't access the forum using it. All other websites load fine. Cleaned out Cache, History, etc. But no luck. Works fine on Chrome. Anyone

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    Quote by Rescue190 View Post
    I have not tested IE as it is not supported any longer.
    IE is definitely still supported, providing you are using the latest version (11).
    There are many other reasons not to use this browser though.

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    Right, if I choose IE the latest browser comes up, Microsoft Edge.

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    Well this is the last version of IE, it is still supported as long as the underlying OS is.
    Edge will be rebuilt on Chrome architecture.

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    Must be clean now. If repeats, please let me know

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Dimas - thanks for you work on this.
    My work firewall (Zscaler) has now taken this off their blacklist - it was getting boring doing actual work when at work
    I can now access the site again.

    Also - FYI for other people regarding a web certificate (HTTPS) - Dimas told me that they had a certificate, but when implemented certain parts of the site stop working. These needs to be resolved before it can be applied.


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    Thank you Dimas, all is good now and i was so miss already this forum

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    Since the issue was first reported I have not been able to gain access from my work computer... It has been blocked since we get new updates weekly from Big Brother... I may be able to request access due to my current position as a curator and I need to conduct research, but until this happens I will be limited to what I can do during working hours and I will have to wait until I use my PC at home...

    Now here is strange work around that has worked for the most part...

    All of the topics that I post in and reply to, I have subscribed to which means I get an email on my private email.. From my work computer I can go directly to that forum topic and I can see all the posts after mine and I can even reply as I am doing now on my work computer..

    The only thing I can't do is search new forum topics.. Each subscription I can open and read/comment.

    I can also open my likes under the NOTIFICATIONS tab....

    So all is not lost, but I still can't post photos or open the forum tab or the other tabs...

    So for those of us who get the subscription notice in their emails try going through the link on the email and see if you can at least get on the forum that way...

    All right Gents.. We will see you all later after work...


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    Still not working on my work PC. Most likely I am SOL for checking the forum from there. Semper Fi. Phil

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    I think you must clean the cache and it must solve the problems

    my Skype: warrelics

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