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Malware warning

Article about: Thanks for quickly fixing the problem, When I recived the message I thought the whole forum would be shut down or something, all that good information lost. I dont have much money at the mom

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    Default Malware warning

    Need some advice here, my computer keeps giving me warnings that the site contains a Malware and says it can harm my computer, ive never seen it before but its continuous every time i click onto the site or the threads, any suggestions, i have all the latest upgrades and protections downloaded yet it still warning me

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    Default Re: Malware warning

    There was already a discussion about this earler today. MY suggestion is to log in using yahoo, and see if it happens again. I doubt it, because I don't have any problems, and I use yahoo.

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    Default Re: Malware warning

    No its still happening, it must be my rotten stupid antiquated useless piece of dell technology

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    Default Re: Malware warning

    I have a Dell and I got a quarantine message regarding a Trojan in a temp file so I clicked to delete the file and so far, so good. (fingers crossed)

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    Default Re: Malware warning

    im now getting the same message with firefox which i wasent last night ????

    but works ok with internet explorer ?

    this is the message i now get with FF
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Malware warning  

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    Default Re: Malware warning

    I was getting it in firefox until I disabled the blocking feature. You don't need it if you have active virus and malware protection in our computer.

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    Default Re: Malware warning

    yup iv just done that my anti virus isn't throwing up any problems with this site just seems to be google for some reason ???

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    Default Re: Malware warning

    I had the same problem

    Go to "tools" - "Options" -"Security" - and untick "Block reported attach sites" worked for me

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    Default Re: Malware warning

    We are working at this problem, looks like there was attack to the site, and problem will be prior solved ASAP

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: Malware warning

    Thanks Dimas. There seems to be a lot of spamming here the last two months. Probably the same people who have attacked the site. Vandals are just malicious punks.

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