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Nasty commercial screens ?

Article about: Anyone else getting a new page with commercial nonsense when you click on something in the forum ? I have both on my pc and iPad. I click and a new page opens up to some off site webpage. Wh

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    Quote by HoundsTooth View Post
    I am using Chrome and i am unaffected - either on PC or Android phone.

    However - it should be mentioned using adblock or similar to fix this is a bit like using a bucket to fix your leaking roof - it's not really a solution to the problem.
    If WRF is infected and directing people to insalubrious websites, then this must be fixed as a high priority.

    Absolutely agreed. If there are gremlins in the system, they need to be flushed out ASAP. There's no knowing what kind of malicious software could be leaking its way in. I have faith in Dimas to get it fixed, however. These things are rarely easy to rectify.

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    My AVG virus scanner just caught a phishing page. Be careful folks.

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    I am now getting a page for Easy zip booting up.

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    Is there any possibility of an acknowledgment, a note or perhaps dare I say a recognition from an Administrator or whoever, that there may be an “issue” here? Hope springs eternal as some say !

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    Very obnoxious. I didn't have the problem for the first three days since this thread was started, but now am getting sent to Google, Amazon and assorted adult-oriented sites all the time...

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    I've had the problem the last couple days. Noticed it first on Android phone. But getting the Flash Player updates on PC, and a few other Ad redirections etc. Running MS Explorer OS. Happens when logging in, and then when changing pages on threads.

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    I have no issues at all (fingers crossed). I use Firefox which I am often told is "old fashioned" (whatever that means in IT terms!!) and Symantec security which seems to be doing the job at the moment.


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    Quote by Watchdog View Post
    I have no issues at all (fingers crossed). I use Firefox which I am often told is "old fashioned" (whatever that means in IT terms!!) and Symantec security which seems to be doing the job at the moment.


    I'm on Firefox and I have the issue. I'm on a VPN with ad-blocker as well and have this issue. The website is at fault here.

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    I am on IE explorer, the old one, and I have had no issues posting photos, or with any spam. Never have.
    I am not able to contribute to the solution other than direct Dimas to this concern.
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    Give 'em a chance to fix it.

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