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Online auction sites...

Article about: Hello, I've started collecting WW2 military approx. 12 to 18 months ago. I've always had an interest in all things military, only recently started collecting, prior just into movies, documen

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    Default Online auction sites...

    I've started collecting WW2 military approx. 12 to 18 months ago. I've always had an interest in all things military, only recently started collecting, prior just into movies, documentaries, history, and reading. I've probably pissed away a nice amount of money buying small pieces of fake history. I'm getting better, reading more, and trying to search WarRelics, pre-purchase. Anyway, just wanted to know if I'm right in this assumption. There's a lot of auction sites out there, all having companies, that post they're 100+ items, when 99% of they're items are fake. What's to stop anybody from buying reproductions, registering with an auction site, and profiting off ripping people off? I'm almost positive they but a few real items to lure people in, and either, bid them up themselves, or let go of them, when they profited, more turn they paid for said meet item. There's a few that have weekly and no weekly auctions, one of every badge known in exsistance, I watch some go I the hundreds of dollars, yet they maintain an inventory of a 30 plus year collector to auction weekly. I'm sure people catch on, but yet they continue to make a living ripping people off. And the bigger auction companies continue to let them do it. I'm not saying some of the auction sites aren't legit, but maybe 75% of the companies selling off them are questionable at best. I'm glad there's a place like this to learn, and figure out what's what, or I would have gave this up a month after I started.

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    You do have options. First, decide what area of collecting you want to get proficient in. Badges, daggers, helmets, etc.etc. To start fresh in this "hobby" best to try to specialize in one field. Reference books are available. decide which type of badges hold your interest. (Navy, Heer Luft) etc.etc. If it is headgear....figure what type holds your interest. Then "Reference up" Books, past posts. As you begin, pay for nothing until you get an approval here or elsewhere. Really pretty simple.

    Don't know what dealers you have been involved with, most are not as crooked as you seem to think they are. But you too are somewhat responsible for what the mailman delivers to your door.
    "When 10 men tell you you're drunk, you better lie down."

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    Thanks for posting.. Sometimes it in the best interest of auction houses to claim "Not Authenticated" as most do. Can you rely on a "Story" or "Uncle Nunzio" liberated it from "The Eagles Nest" ? Buy the item based on your knowledge.. If in doubt post here first.. If people / collectors can't or won't do their own research they reap what they sow.. A drawer of lost hopes and money.. Yes there are many sites that offer pure crap.. Your job and ours as collectors are to avoid such pitfalls by doing homework and leave the fantasy world of getting a 1 million dollar payoff for $75.00 and a premium.. Just my thoughts...
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    Another seem to be starting out "disgruntled" in the collecting field. It is not 1965 anymore where there was little worry on grabbing a fake. It's a whole new world, virtually every item of militaria is now reproduced. To take on the whole spectrum of collecting will bring you frustrating results. So to repeat myself again..decide where your true passion lies, then work to gain confidence, then you can move onto other interests..(slowly)
    "When 10 men tell you you're drunk, you better lie down."

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    Well said thank you, was getting a little disgusted the other day, on the other side, it gwrman real good to hold a piece of history.

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    My two cents (on the back of what David/G said)...

    You just need to ASSUME everything is fake and then determine if it is real. Will be much more pleasant with less negative surprises. If you can't determine after research...then move on to the next item.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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