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Article about: A few more... Regards,Ned.

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    Quality them Nick,

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    i have looked for one

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    & phil & stewy again

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    Good job, Nick
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Smiles  

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    I love the hitler one with the admin power placard !

    And the thumbs up one.

    Unfortunately, the lady is kinda inappropriate but really funny

    And met in that last Saturday you big fibber ! By the way....have you shaved your legs yet ?

    Steve T

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    Just saw Nicks !!!

    We gotta have the gun ones...and the frying pan...and the hammer....and the whip on the bare bum....and the one punching

    Steve T

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    Quote by big ned View Post
    How about this one for a certain "You know who?"

    MUAHAHAHA!!! Ned.
    I like where it says ..."attached image"!....

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    Quote by Australian Guy View Post
    Hi Dimas,

    Really glad that you are putting so much effort into this site, many thanks.

    Here are a couple for you.



    I like the little smiley blowing himself up with a grenade. Thats a funny one for grenade collectors like myself.

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