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Spam back again..'

Article about: AF9lZA5uR - a series of question marks?

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    Default Spam back again..'

    AF9lZA5uR - a series of question marks?

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    Thank you!

    Now that was quick work!

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    There should be a way to make it more difficult for these bots to enter here. example: You decide to join, a email is sent to you, and in that email there is a question asked in a way a computer will have a hard time understand what to answer to gain access.

    Only something that crossed my mind after some posts filled with ????????? and other nonsense.
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    It's a hard, due a lot of @-mails going to spam, then a problem to administrate the @-mails. I read and answer only important @-mails, current forum's mailbox contain more than 40000 unread mail.
    The one way is to keep the forum clean- is a change of the control answer/question, and change it weekly, or before first spammer registered. Then the answer/question pass right answered, will be stored to their database, and all owners of the spam bots, update their database daily

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