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Strange PM and other issues

Article about: Hello my friend, It looks like the PM system automatically quotes all the earlier sent messages. If i look at "likes given" and "likes received" everything is written in

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    Default Re: Strange PM and other issues

    Doing ok Green, hope you are too...

    Lol - I had several pics to upload of the local military museum's
    'Military Day' on the weekend - featuring shots of my jeep,
    plus a few other vehicles and people.........


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    Default Re: Strange PM and other issues

    Yep, doing great here, thank you.

    I hope you can get those candid shots posted, my favorite kind. I always enjoy rolling history, your Jeep is fun look.

    Speaking of candid shots, I took my son to a gun show recently, and brought my camera. The door-man collected $5 for an entry fee and told me cameras weren't allowed. I laughed at him and said, "you allow a 10 year-old around all of these guns and allow concealed carry in your state but a camera is out of the question?" His reply was that the media might get the pictures and present a negative picture of the show. I informed him that photography was still legal in all 50 U.S. States and the vendors might even like the free advertising (not that the pics would be distributed anyways). So with my trusty .40 strapped to my side, I reluctantly returned the camera to the vehicle and returned to the show for a nice walk with my boy. LOL I bought him a zombie book after 2 hours, or so, of walking around. Not much militaria at this one.

    Sorry for the run-on and thank you to all the veterans on Memorial Day. We, and especially myself appreciate you and your service!


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    Default Re: Strange PM and other issues

    I must admit I'm getting the sent messages quote in the box below, I thought it might be a prompt in order to assist any replies sent, I'm also getting an Auto saved logo coming up on the quick reply box as I did just now typing this !!!

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    Default Re: Strange PM and other issues

    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    I had a problem uploading photos last night as well. It is as if the system
    were routed to an auxilliary. The window looks the same, but with a
    white background. When choosing pics, a completely different
    'select' box comes up and my photos will not load.........

    I have had the same problem, in fact. What is the remedy?
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Strange PM and other issues

    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    I have had the same problem, in fact. What is the remedy?
    I also have had this problem the last two nights.


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    Default Re: Strange PM and other issues

    I've just now posted 11 continuous photos with no problems.
    The window background is still 'white', but I was able
    to create a thread with photos.........!


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