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Taking GREAT Shots of Militaria, TIPS, Technical Details, etc. Sticky?

Article about: I'd like to start a thread, or a sticky, on getting fantastic shots of your militaria. It's not always easy, but it's worth it! First of all, you probably need a real camera, it's virtually

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    You're welcome

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    I also like to have the camera around for those moments you see that you just want to photograph, as I was walking outside, I saw the cat doing something ridiculously cute on the couch, sleeping with his head on pillow, like a human. He's just too cute sometimes, with that moustache

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    Something I should have put in my first post on this topic is how incredibly important photography is to collectors now.

    You go on the forum, you check to see what's new, every single post you open will generally have pics. Without them, the post can be borderline useless, or just boring. It's like a Craigslist ad for a guitar, without pics, the ad is nothing.

    Often times, like today, someone posts a helmet, BEF Camo, shot down... a RAD buckle, some knives an daggers, all very interesting. But the pics is why we want to click on the threads, we want to see it!

    We're very visual creatures*, and we love to see this stuff.

    As proof of this a wise old man once told me "while love is blind, lust has very good eyesight"

    Nevermind one of the most important aspects of of relic photography. Authentication, this is the biggie, it's not for fun or display. This is where it all starts with some purchases, but those aren't usually your pics. But sometimes they are, either way the better they are, the more concise the authentication is.

    Face it, when you're dealing with SS stuff, or other high end pieces, we're talking thousands of $$$ on the line, so then it becomes pretty serious business.
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    Absolutely right. Due to the "web", most sales of our collecting field are purchased from pics. Not in hand at shows, junk shops etc. Stewy

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    Yeah, photos is half of the fun when we have a great forum like this, and my things deserve to be photographed with a decent camera and the members here deserve a good quality pic when I show something.

    I just want to take pictures of my buckles (and my daughter too of course) and the price range 150-200 USD sounds perfect.
    The pictures you showed has a good quality and will fit my needings good

    And when you think that I can handle a Lumix LX5 that sounds great, If I had bought that Nikon D3000 it probably will last 4 days before I throw it in the dumpster. I will take a look on some of the Canon Powershoot too!

    You have a great cat!

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    How important is the megapixels? My current camera with 12 MP takes lousy pics but one with 10 can take good pics? :S

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    Quote by Wewelsburg View Post
    How important is the megapixels? My current camera with 12 MP takes lousy pics but one with 10 can take good pics? :S
    My Panasonic Loomix has 12 MP and takes great photos on macro setting. Lighting and a steady hand make all the difference in the world.
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    Thx, his name is MooStash, or Stash... he came to us from being left alone too long at a neighbors house that was never there. We went there everyday to tend to the chickens, and petted him a few times. He found out where our house was and moved over here. He is very photogenic, quite a kitty with great colors, mostly Siamese I think.

    The strange thing about pets is when they do something cute and you reach for the camera, they immediately change it ;(

    While he may be cute, he is an unholy terror on the rodent population around our house, a cute serial killer...

    He once brought back a weasel of all things, and they are quite dangerous!

    The weasel was playing dead, we got it away from the cat, and after a while he scampered off.

    He brings snakes too, bad kitty!

    Back to our regular programming

    Yes, check out the Canon Powershots, they are very good cameras, and the more compact a camera the better!

    One thing I forgot to mention about the LX5 is that it is very deficient in Zoom, but that's fine for photographing relics, not so good for birds, etc.

    Some of the Powershots have great Zoom, so that's a plus for an all around camera. And they have good lenses too. Canon is good stuff, I use a G2 and then a G5 since I started shooting digital. Kept the G5 for the longest time, almost ten years? It never failed me. Only 5MP, and still the quality was excellent, for the time... looking back through the pics, they are not as good as what I'm getting now, and the colors always had something about them that wasn't that great.

    Here are a few sample images.

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    Yes, a camera with half the pixels could take better pics, it's a function of lens quality, and also of the user and how well he is taking pictures.

    What is your 12MP camera?

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    I used to use an old Canon ixus75 which was ok for shooting my collection but not great in terms of manual control and certainly the optical zoom was lacking. So I updated this year to a Canon Powershot SX710HS mainly due to the 30x optical zoom and greater functionality. Only trouble is though that the increased complexity means I have to understand more about settings etc in order to get the sort of images I want.

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