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Third Party photo posts held to ransom ~

Article about: Well ~ I may be a tad late on this one btu has anyone else suddenly realised that ALL their third party posting of photos has gone down the Drain ~ As of June 26 ~ Photo Bucket has decided t

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    On a few of the other forums I post on (mostly m/cycle goups), they do not have in house uploaders and all images are by photo hosting, they will have been decimated by this or will be as it all unfolds. I have asked if they could add in house hosting but they never did.

    Feck Photobucket, I have spent the morning deleting all my images stored there and will never visit the site again.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    I spent a lot of time today & removed the PB links on site here~ and replacing with my file shots and Snips ~

    Not all my photos have been wiped off the map despite being originally PB posts (???) ~ that makes it very easy ~ I merely snip the photo and delete the PB link ~ replacing the photo with the snip ~

    The winner here is the WR site as snip jobs are tenths of KB not 100s !! So HDD space is saved ~ ' So a silver lining to every cloud !

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