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Why are people so paranoid?

Article about: I much prefer folks to use their real names where ever possible. All the serious collectors here tend to sign off with their first names. I do find it a real turn off when I help people with

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    Terry and Eric: Thanks for the post. I hope that everyone understands that I'm not criticising anyone or the Forum in any way. I'm just curious about a practice that has become universal among all the operating forums on the web. Terry, I really like your reasons because they make sense and you do provide a real first name for the reply. I wish everyone did. Eric, that's perfect. You're one of the few that uses his real name instead of a pseudonym. I use drmessimer because those are my initials and last name, and the initials also just happen to be my title, when I use it. But as I'm fond of saying, those initials and $4 will get me a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Thanks again to you both for the post. Dwight

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    This has become a very interesting thread for me and I really appreciate everyone who has joined it. Many of you I have met in other threads and it's good to see you here. I agree that we must respect one's choice reagrding how he or she is to be addressed, I just find it odd addressing someone by a username rather than a given name, and apparently many of you feel the same. I have tried to keep up by answering each reply as it came in , but the turnout has been much larger than I expected and I have fallen way behind. When I started this thread I thought that most people used a pseudonym to protect their true identity, probably out of a fear of identity theft. That seemed to make sense because identity theft has become a big problem in the cyber age. But after reading your replies, I find that many of you have very creative reasons for the choice, and some are actually an art form. As for Avatars, obviously they are very useful and I agree 100% with Walkwolf that changing avatars is confusing. I imagine that the change is made for good reason. I once knew a WeisseWulf on another thread. Is there any relation? Hopefully, more members will check in. The Best to you all. Dwight

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    I basically never sign with my full name on large public forums like this.
    My name combination is one of a kind in Denmark, and I prefer being a "private person". However, if you buy anything from me or write me personally you will always find that I sign with my family name and forename.
    My avatar is the Danish army "national flag" and the text "DANMARK" on the left shoulder on my bellowed Danish M/58-61 uniform.
    I think my nickname is obvious

    (my family name)
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    I would just use 'Roger' as my forum name, but I have found that there are a lot of us and the name is usually taken by the time I get there. So I use roger9344 for most all my forum participations (both of them )
    Nothing exciting or even collector related about the user name. I was a police officer, and 93-44 was my unit number, so I use that with my first name (since it easy for me to remember, and I need all the help I can get in that department!) As far as avatar changes, I got the helmet I was wanting, so hopefully that one will stay for a while.
    I do use my real name in my signature, though. I do prefer using real names, when known.
    This has turned into a rather interesting thread. Thanks for starting it, and for all who have contributed to it.

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    Default Re: Why are people so paranoid?

    I do prefer real names. I guess rogge16 is a little more exciting than Luke. I picked this name due to one of my favorite subjects. Bernhard Rogge. Captain of the German hilfskreuzer Atlantis. Schiff 16.


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    Default Re: Why are people so paranoid?

    Interesting thread so far. My name is explanatory if you read my profile. I am the Curator of the "Traveling Military Museum" which I started about 12-13 years ago from a collection that began in 1967-68? My wife actually got me pointed in that direction when I gathered up all of my stuff in one place for the first time in many years. Quote" You have so much neat historical stuff, why don't you figure out a way to show it?." I am hoping to secure a permant home for it in a few years on board the aircraft carrier USS Ranger which is coming to a port very near my home soon. Nothing firm yet but I have been talking to them and they are very interested.


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    Default Re: Why are people so paranoid?

    Well, guess what my name is? But it's fair to say that using my real name is the exception rather than the rule. But really it depends on the forum. Being anonymous does allow me to freedom to say what I think rather than hold back. It also means I won't get phone calls from my boss suggesting I delete a pefectly reasonable post only lightly related to my job. Which has happened.

    But quite often, people I know will guess exactly who I am even behind a psuedonym. Ireland is a pretty small country and I have an almost unique job. Not hard to work out who I am.

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    Default Re: Why are people so paranoid?

    Dwight Ė good topic. I agree about occasionally feeling awkward addressing members by their pseudonyms. But like anything else, do it often enough and it starts to become second nature.

    As for me, I used my full name - well, as much of it that could fit, hence the initials - as this was recommended during registration. I also remember taking a cue from other members using their given names whom I respect for their knowledge and gentlemanly conduct.

    Iíll admit though that at times I have given thought to the whole identity theft thing.

    Re watermarking, I only just started doing this after receiving advice from a fellow member, and all the more so after upgrading my Irfanview to the newest version. which make it quick and easy!

    A far as the avatar, itís my favorite version of the pre-WW2 Polish model 1919 hat eagle badge, this variant produced by the Jan Knedler factory in Warsaw.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    Default Re: Why are people so paranoid?

    My name is Bond and I use the common familiar version of my first name in my signature line. No problem with nick names etc... but it is nice if people sign with their "real" first name, though if their username is something useable then it's all good.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Why are people so paranoid?

    Quote by Bond View Post
    My name is Bond........
    When I read that opener I couldn't help but chuckle

    I think from now on I will sign off with my first name. It's nicer to be addressed by your real name than your online moniker, however I'm so used to Krad that it almost feel like 'me' now.


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