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Why are people so paranoid?

Article about: I much prefer folks to use their real names where ever possible. All the serious collectors here tend to sign off with their first names. I do find it a real turn off when I help people with

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    Well, I have a "nazi" divison name here and a avatar with a dog picture. There are hundreds of people in this forum. Why I have to tell everyone who I'm? My friends know my real name here anyway. As I'm not a scientist, politician or a pop artist i belive my real name does not really matter. But if You will send me a PM I will always write back with my real name:-).

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    Frundsberg: That's an interesting attitude. I should think that a person's name is important to him or her, in-as-much as it's the definitive identifier. So why conceal it? I am reminded of the belief among some primitive peoples that taking their photo stole their soul. Fortunately, your pseudonym has the ring of a family name, so responding by using it poses no serious problem. I must say that your response is one of the more interesting responses I have received, and I very much appreciate you making it. The Best to you, Dwight

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    Quote by drmessimer View Post
    why do people "watermark" their photos? If your property has commercial value, I can understand it, but most of the stuff we post here is...well, just stuff. Oh well, to each his/her own, but it does cause me to wonder and ask. Dwight
    I encourage all to have some kind of watermark on their images. This for the most part, is directed toward the Third Reich collectors.

    A case in point: Pavel Nowak and the other degenerates of his like. Do a search if you are unfamiliar with this name.

    I own hundreds of original period images, mostly of Red Army and Fleet men, and of men belonging to the non-military ministries of the former USSR. Just like images of SS and other Third Reich men, these are being copied, printed on vintage or aged photo paper and sold to unsuspecting collectors as "original"...
    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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    Richie: An excellent explanation and one with which I agree--to a point. If you have something that truly has commercial value, and it's uniquely yours; protect it. But most of us have photos that are ubiquitious and anyone can find online. Protecting a photo that is available anywhere online seems to me pointless. Dwight

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    Hello Dwight,
    When posting photos of items that I own, they are of enough quality that anyone would be able to use them to try to scam another collector out of their hard earned money. Also, I post period photos of family members that I would like to retain ownership of.
    Searching for anything relating to, Anton Boos, 934 Stamm. Kp. Pz. Erz. Abt. 7, 3 Kompanie, Panzer-Regiment 2, 16th Panzer-Division (My father)

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    Default Re: Why are people so paranoid?

    Ralph: Another good point. It's really too bad that we are plagued by the world's freeloaders, but that's what the Internet does. I look at it as a fabulous research tool, but one that has to be used with extreme care. Others see it as an easy way to scam a buck. Thaks for the post and the Best to you, Dwight.

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    Hi Dwight,, to hide behind a Moniker is the same practice that men and women have been doing for centuries and no one says anything to them when men wear cologne or apply acne medicine to hide what is on their face as women put on make up and perfume to do the same. Why do we call doctors Doctor? why cant we use their real name? Why are they hiding behind an acronymn? I have a masters degree in a certain subject,, should I have people call me master?? Sounds ridiculous. How about little white lies that we use on other people to spare their feelings,, just to be nice,, we are all guilty of that one,, but yet still hiding. How about wedding bands??.. now there is a sticky subject!!... why do we wear clothes,,,,is there something that just has to be hidden that we have all seen in photos? ..and finally we do we hide behind our fears,, is it the unknown that will hurt us,, why dont we just boldly walk out into a street and take our chances of not being hit. I see that bumper sticker all the time ( No Fear) and believe it or not we all see that selected few that think pedestrians have the right a way,,,so is it that No fear mentality or is it stupidity and selfishness that drives a person to walk into a busy intersection and think they have a right of way without looking first. To survive in this screwed up world one must use a certain amount of certain fears ) called common sense) get by and survive. Next time someone breaks into my house,, I wont hide behind a gun and kill the intruder that wants to hurt my family,,I will just sit back and wait until he is all finished and then call the police,,, silly me i should of reasoned with the intruder and told him not to hide behind his gun or knife. Great topic Dwight , I like your avatar,, I didnt know you were a bird. BTW, I am a Stormtrooper with the "Hochland SA gruppe,, I prefer the red felt band on my kepi because I dont want to be associated with the Berlin SA, which wore the black bands,, i dont want people to get the wrong idea. ,, just making a point!! Thanks for a great topic. Best regards Larry

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    Quote by Frundsberg View Post
    Well, I have a "nazi" divison ..........
    Again here it all depends on one's perception.
    Of course Frundsberg was the name of a SS division, but it was named after
    Georg von Frundsberg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    It makes that one could also expect you could mean "Georg"....with the (nick)name you are using.
    It also depends on the message your a meaning to send, by using thise or that nick name or avatar, and most of all how "the" message is understood by the peolple seeing it.
    I wunder if anyone knows who the guy is I am using in my avatar!?
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Default Re: Why are people so paranoid?

    I have wondered Kris but have been too embarassed to ask in case it was someone famous that I should know!

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    Default Re: Why are people so paranoid?

    All I know is he has a cool hat!

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