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The place for serious military historians and collectors. A Forum dedicated to 3 Reich and Soviet Red Army units before and in the WW2 period. Allied militaria 1939 -1945. Also Great War WW1 Allied and Imperial German Uniforms and history. Baltic Republics 1918-1940. World steel helmets. Eastern front pictures. Tanks, vehicles, guns and weapons plus battlefield recovery are also shown within the forum.
If you collect helmets, uniforms or equipment and have some questions or are looking for new militaria collector friends, or would like to show your collection, seeking historical dates or historical information, or just have a general interest in militaria or 20th Century military history: this place is for you. Recent threads about battlefield archeology, German WW2 and Soviet Russian uniforms, Guns and weapons, steel helmets, ordinance. Also new metal detecting forum and battlefield search technology
WW2 military collectors community. History: 3 Reich and Soviet Red army units, uniforms, awards, guns, helmets. Battlefield archeology. Tanks, ships and planes recovery. WW2 pictures. Also you can join in our other projects and take part as a partner. Take a look and join us, all necessary information you will find on this page.