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Adolf hitler's "lost" ruby and gold swastika ring

Article about: I once handled a ruby swastika ring that came through the auction of kent arm sales and it was a very much better ring than that one,and it was wearable.this was back in the early 70s.

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    Having read this thread through and regardless of any known history to the ring, I can only comment from looking at the pictures of the ring itself and state that it is a really poorly made item and if it was made by a guild of jewelers, then I think they were in the wrong trade, as it really is a poor example of the art IMHO. The lack of finishing between the arms of the hakenkreuz is just one area where they have performed badly and the detailing to the swords and leaves also leave much to be desired and as for the home made school level construction of the display stand/case with screws on the base and a dome that does not fit together very well and the crappy makers plate, again, just so poorly made that I cannot believe that a guild would sanction this item.

    Obviously we all have our own opinions and tastes, but as is often the case, buy the item not the story and I for one would not buy the item or believe the story.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Circuit advertisement Adolf hitler's "lost" ruby and gold swastika ring
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    A complete POS!

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    "Its a good thing sometimes when people clobber an item and I can move in and buy it at a discount full knowing its right as rain. I am good with that, but for the most part if you do not know what your talking about you should not say anything at all. I realize fakes make our lives difficult but you guys can be bruisers on legit pieces. Wtf? The mothers photo changed hands and no one ever bothered to open the frame, it had an inscription hand written on the rear and accompanied this ring."

    You are welcome to it Ajax, when i first saw this ring i thought it was someones idea of an early April fool prank!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Quote by Australia View Post
    Did anyone comment on the Inside construction of the ring?
    its not solid, its a rolled gold band.

    this is not a sign of quality.
    I think this topic Might be a staged promotion of the ring.

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    I have no affiliation with the owners or the auctioneers of this ring. I just wanted to share it with the forum to see what their thoughts were on it.

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    While this probably was a piece 'owned' at some level by AH, I would doubt it was a prized personal possession unless he also had a love of Mickey Mouse watches that has remained secret as well...

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    Quote by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    The supposed period image posted by Odal says 1930, a full 7 years before the Fühererbau.

    It does say 1930, not 1937. And without having the name of this trade magazine, the picture posted by Odal, as well as every mention of it, must be discarded. One cannot simply present a b/w image, claim it comes from a rare magazine, in fact make many claims about it and use those claims as proof, when nobody else - who may be interested - has the chance to cross reference the "period" info. For all anyone knows it could very well be a bogus image. No amount of "Oh but it is not bogus" is going to help at all. Words are meaningless, reference is everything, so until the source is mentioned, the image is irrelevant.
    Why would I lie to you? seriously. You cant discard the photo as its real and the piece was published twice, then you have the lineage and the other items obtained in conjunction. It will be published in time and the standards of provenance make the piece one of those items that carries more than most others, you just do not have it and I cannot post it. But if you want to challenge such when the time comes I really hope that you are aware of what that will mean as far as standards for provenance. If you want to go about about the market with microscopes, spectrometers, X-Ray beams and Phasers, then that is your perogative (sic) but I cant say that applying that standard is much of a help to anyone and you may very well find yourself locking horns over an item against your own criteria for authentication. The trouble with academics is the same as the trouble with Tribbles, they multiply fast and the next thing you know your surrounded. The ring is what it is, its not the worlds best but it has a considerable amount of history and has been around and known about for a long time. Which one are you? ;o)

    Adolf hitler's "lost" ruby and gold swastika ring

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    My final word on this item, Ajax if you believe the ring to be authentic then that's fine by me!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    CBH is online now


    All I can say after reading this long thread is , if it was made in 1930 it wouldn't be as high end as something given to AH in his Fuhrer days . Humans like shinny things for whatever reason . And Hitler wasn't a PIMP so he would never have worn such a ring , unlike Goring .

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    The only words that come to mind when I saw this ring are"buffoon appeal." No serious collector is going to part with big bucks for this thing. There are no guarantees buying from an auction house. Everything is sold "as is."


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    Yup, Ajax, be happy with your fairground prize crapola but don't try to lecture based on pieces of unseen and 'yet to be shown' provenance. This thread is sounding like an episode of storage wars. Pffuey!

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