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Advice for New German Militaria Collector

Article about: Greetings, As the thread title suggests, I am a new collector of German Militaria with a particular interest in acquiring SS Skull rings (the Honor rings are outside of my price range so I a

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    Thank you Jake and Glenn! This is good information and advice. All three of the rings I have posted were supposedly dug up in SS locations, but then clearly those could just be stories told to sell rings. It would seem that patience is going to be my friend in this endeavor.

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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    It should be said that the rings you refer to as "SS-Skull Rings" are actually called "Kantinenring"...Rings available for purchase by soldiers at the base Canteen/Store. These rings were popular with all branches of service, not just the SS...and even civilians could buy these, by the way.
    cheers, Glenn
    You learn something new every day!

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    Patience and research! Study is important, and will allow you to enter into a purchase armed with knowledge! When the right ring comes along, you will know it's time to strike, lol...There are many, many threads here concerning rings, and I hope you take advantage of the knowledge available here to help you along with your new hobby...
    cheers, Glenn

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    So let me try one more that I've been looking at from a third source. This one is not labeled as being specifically SS. Does it look real?

    Advice for New German Militaria CollectorAdvice for New German Militaria Collector

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    Thanks again Glenn! Am I correct that all the threads related to Third Reich rings will be in this particular forum or are there other forum headings related to rings?


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    This appears to be a ring produced as a token of service in the Freikorps...the Right Wing Paramilitary Forces within Germany after WWI...Many founding members of the SS have their roots in the Freikorps, and it would be a desirable ring, in my opinion...
    I can't comment on other websites, but I'm sure with the Forum and Google you should be able to find what you need to know...
    cheers, Glenn
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    Thanks Glenn! Perhaps I have finally discovered a genuine ring...even if not SS. I was starting to think that my ability to detect a trustworthy source was completely off (which I guess is close to true).

    I actually just meant to ask if this is the only forum (i.e. Forum -- German Militaria 1933-1945 -- Art - Decor - Exotica of the Third Reich --Third Reich rings) on that pertains to rings.

    Thanks again!

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    First ring seems to be a cast ie made in one piece in a mold.There fore this screams fake.Look carefully at the texture of the metal.

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    There are hundrets of german wwII period ring patterns, but sorry all here shown are postwar fakes or fantasy.

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    99.5 % of 'scull' rings today are modern fakes, and attaching an
    SS connection to most of these is only to increase sale prices.
    If you want a genuine SS ring, look at 'Honour rings'
    - but be prepared to spend a bundle !

    Glenn has provided some excellent information.........


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