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Afrika Korps ring help

Article about: Hello guys, id like your advice on this ring if you would be kind enough, a friend of mine got this from a guy who served with the desert rats in 1941 he was a tank commander and took this f

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    As a ring collector, here is my two cents for what it's worth. I have a few authentic DAK rings, and have studied a number of others. All will bear a metal content hallmark unless they are the cheap brass variety. This holds true whether it is a silver ring or in your case, a gold one. The hallmark will be either on the outer shank or right underneath the table, depending on where ring is made. The DAK motif on yours looks good, and the style is definitely period. If genuine, this would likely have belonged to an officer who could have afforded a ring such as this. It also would be the first solid gold DAK ring I have observed. The story sounds good, but it is still just a story. The proof is going to be in the hallmarks. No hallmark, no real ring.

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    Hand-made rings did not always have hallmarks. Especially so in an area like North Africa. They frequently used scrap metal to melt and recast into whatever they were working on. It was and still is a law that metal purity must be marked, but in severely rural areas no one is really much concerned with such things. In 1968, in Algeria, I once purchased from a small "jewelers" shop, a magnificent blue star sapphire ring made from a melted down 18k watch case. I only knew that because the shop keeper Told me what it was made from, but it didn't have a hallmark,makers mark-nothing in it. Out of curiosity, back in the States, I had it tested, and it was, indeed, 18k. During the war, I don't imagine that many metal workers gave a damn about how fussy and precise their wares were-they made them fast and cheap to unload on the suddenly occupying troops, but when selling to an Officer, he may have been hesitant to lie to them from fear of retribution. A run of the mill Trooper? Why would he care? They would be far away by the time the guy's finger would turn green.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I totally understand what you are saying, and in your experience the hallmarks are not a hard and fast rule. Knowing the types of people that made these I would almost be inclined to agree with you. But all I can do is go by the examples I have observed. Of all the North African rings I own and/or have documented, the only ones without hallmarks are the ones made out of cheap metal. Every single silver one is hallmarked to purity, often also stamped with a makers cartouche as well. Keep in mind that there is a bit of a time gap between when you were in Algeria and the early 1940s. Perhaps standards had slacked by then. But I did think of one other thing...the ring is 18k, a soft gold. The hallmark may have worn down to where it is difficult to see. I have a few that you can only make out under a 20x jewelers loupe. For me, I would buy the ring for the right price just because it suits me, but to buy it as a DAK piece I would want a little more evidence.

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    Hello guys, thankyou very much for the reply's and input into this i am actually thinking of buying it myself (pending on the price) i know the person who it is coming through is right as rain and do beleive the story (i know i shouldnt) i think it would be wise for myself to take it to the jeweller and have it confirmed it being 18c, as i say i do love it thank you again for your thoughts on it if or when i get it i will post more pics for you to see,
    many thanks, Ronnie

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    If you ever wish to trade, I've got a perfect spot in my ring case for it!

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    Did you get it Ronnie?

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    Thanks again guys, but sadly what he has asked for is what i would rather spend on a dagger (being a dagger man ) also me being a little frugal pretty gutted but hay ho
    thanks again for all your replys and help with this,
    cheers Ronnie

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    I think that just about every collector has had moments like this. That day when you're looking at some rarity that you Really want and know you may never see another like it again, and then...the guy names some ludicrous Price and stands on it. As much as it kills you to do so, you finally sit down and think "Man, that's just ridiculous! He can Keep it!". You might regret it for years, but if you had caved in an Paid the robbery price, you would never have felt good about it when you looked at it. It would be a thing of resentment. Sometimes, you just have to walk away....

    (And, besides....the guy could drop over dead and his wife could sell it to you for a pittance just to be rid of it! I've had it

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I ask merely out of curiosity, can you divulge the asking price of this piece?

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    Im a bit late on this, but i agree with Glenn, i really like the style, more period than fantasy..has that nice deco look thats hard to replicate, with deco copies ive never seen them get it quite right, theres always a mistake in styling, now thats from my gut and love of deco, not my expertise in TR rings..just my 2 cents

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