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Anello terzo reich

Article about: Hello, can you help me for this ring? Is it true or false? Did I spend the money well? Thank you

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    These rings are flawless and about as real as the Tooth Fairy !!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Anello terzo reich   Anello terzo reich  

    Anello terzo reich  
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    GWAR: You are absolutely right, but they are also garish and ostentatious, designed to appeal specifically to buyers who want something "Nazi." The ring under discussion does not share those characteristics. It is in fact, rather bland and generic. I still believe that it is a 1933-45 patriotic ring made by jeweler who designed and marketed the ring for sales to Germans who were proud of the power and prestige that Germany had achieved before the war and, for a time, during the war. I see nothing in the ring we are discussing that would indicate it was made after 1945. Dwight

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    Hello, thanks for the detailed description on the subject and I will try to add more detailed photographs as soon as I can.
    Thanking you, best regards.

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    Quote by drmessimer View Post
    Rings are made by casting using a wax or plastic model that is ......... In the case of spitfireVb's reply, I would be very interested in the details on which he based his opinion. Dwight

    Well, like all of us here, I can offer only opinions. Mine are based on experiences from having collected Nazi rings for many years, not to mention being ripped off several times and trying to learn from my sometimes expensive mistakes. I have also learned a lot from the hundreds of posts and personal communications on this and other TR ring fora by guys who are considerably more expert than me.

    Below are the main reasons that I don‘t like this ring one little bit.

    First, 99% of mass-produced rings in WWII Germany were pressed. They were not cast. Moreover, it is untrue that ‘the counterfeiters or makers of so-called fantasy TR rings do not have the highly developed skills of professional artists’. They do. Indeed, many of them are jewellers. Many fake rings are of very high quality, and this is increasingly so nowadays. It is becoming harder and harder even for top experts to identify rings that are replicas of known WWII German patterns.

    Being cast - in the vast majority of cases - indicates that a ring is postwar, including this one. Take a look through the threads here for confirmation of this.

    The poor quality of the photos make it impossible (for me anyway) to tell whether the supposed ‘ageing’ is authentic, but I don’t believe that it is. I respectfully disagree with Dwight in this point. To me, the finish on this ring looks exactly like the thousands of fakes made in Eastern Europe since the end of the war and often a lot more recently. The ageing, in my opinion, is artificial.

    Furthermore, in my years of collecting, I have never seen this pattern. Now that does not necessarily kill it; many privately made Third Reich rings were unique, and some quite beautiful. But these were expensive and were of considerably better quality than this thing.

    Mass-produced rings were made in their tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. We’ve all seen the well-known ‘Kantine-Ringe’ patterns, e.g., skulls, Westwalls, etc., as well as specific service rings, Luftwaffe, Panzer, SS and other political organisations, etc., that were sold by jewellers. Has anyone else seen this specimen before? Sure, it isn’t a garish, shiny, fake monstrosity like those posted above by Gwar, but that’s part of the fraudsters’ game. I myself have been caught out by this trick a couple of times in the past. A long time ago, I would add.

    The iron cross motif is horrible. It barely even looks like an iron cross (based on these photos). And the Nazi eagle on the sides of the posted ring is a popular theme with fakers and fantasists. I never saw this on any authentic TR ring. To me, the eagles alone kill this as an authentic TR ring.

    Sorry but, like I wrote, I wouldn’t want it.



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    SpirfireVb: Those are well stated and authoritative observations. I am sure you are right that I underestimated the "enemy" by assuming that they probably lack higher skill levels. GWAR's posting made that fact very clear. I have never met a faker or a counterfeiter, which left me with only an opinion. Hopefully, Frederich will post some sharper photos for us to see.

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    Hello, thank you for what is published I will certainly not be able to learn and I will certainly publish more detailed photographs soon. Thanking your best regards.

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    I wouldn't waste my time putting more pics of the ring, its a well known fake, before you part with any more money on rings I suggest you post picks here for comments . best regards mike

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    Looks like a variant of these, which are being sold as repros somewhere...

    Anello terzo reich

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    Migobeego: I think you have ended the debate with this post. Good job. I have to say that my opinion about the originally posted ring being a common patriotic piece of jewelry is definitely wrong. Other than the SS and Death's Head, those two rings look identical to the first one posted. These two examples fit the market, whereas the first ring doesn't seem to do that, but the similarity is too strong to ignore. Thanks for finding those. Dwight
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    Like I wrote above, that eagle on the sides is a dead giveaway sign of a rotten ring.

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