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Anello terzo reich

Article about: Hello, can you help me for this ring? Is it true or false? Did I spend the money well? Thank you

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    Default Anello terzo reich

    Hello, can you help me for this ring? Is it true or false?
    Did I spend the money well?
    Thank youAnello terzo reichAnello terzo reichAnello terzo reich

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    Can you post some sharper photos? Those that are now posted are blurred, which hides the detail. Dwight

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    Hi thanks for the reply.
    I enclose new photographs and look forward to the response, thanksAnello terzo reichAnello terzo reichAnello terzo reichAnello terzo reichAnello terzo reich

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    Frederich, That's better, thanks. It looks good to me, it shows signs of wear and aging that appear to be real rather than manufactured to look that way. Have you examined the inside of the ring for any marks or numbers? If they are present, it would be helpful to know what they are. I do not think that the ring has any particular significance other than being a TR era patriotic ring. When I was in the U.S. Army a long time ago, the PX sold rings of that sort, styled to represent Infantry, Armor, or Artillery. This ring might be something on that order. Hopefully one of the better informed members will shed some light on it. Dwight

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    Thanks for the answer is marked outside with 800 which abbreviations should I find inside?
    Are they essential?
    I await your reply, thank you

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    Frederich: No, they are not essential, but such a mark might make it possible to identify the maker. It really depends on how much information about the ring that you want . The 800 means that it is a non-Sterling alloy containing 800 parts of silver and 200 parts of an alloy, probably copper. 800 is a typical silver alloy found in European jewelry, especially in Germany. Others might disagree, but I think that you have a very nice example of a ring made in Germany between 1933 and 1945. I would be very pleased to have one like it. Dwight

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    Thanks, if there are other brands I will report it.
    Good evening

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    Good evening, can no one else give a judgment? Who keeps silent consents ?

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    Quote by Frederich View Post
    Hello, can you help me for this ring? Is it true or false?
    Did I spend the money well?
    Thank you
    In my opinion, this is a postwar fantasy ring. Not very well made either. I wouldn’t have it in my collection. Sorry.

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    Rings are made by casting using a wax or plastic model that is put into a frame called a flask and encased in a heat resistant material that sets up and hardens. The whole thing is put into a kiln at a temperature high enough to melt the wax and leave a cavity that becomes the mold. I cannot say with certainty, but my assumption is that the counterfeiters or makers of so-called fantasy TR rings do not have the highly developed skills of professional artists. And I also doubt that they have the sophisticated equipment that allow centrifugal casting, vacuum-assisted casting, or pressure casting to be used. Without those things, the result is a product that exhibits obvious flaws; especially poor detail, holes, and crevices.
    The photos posted are not sharp enough to be absolutely certain about this ring. But they are clear enough to make some reasonable observations. The first is that there are places where the detail appears “soft” or “rounded”, especially the eagle’s head and the Swastika. Those "soft" or "rounded"features could be due to either poor casting or wear and aging. The general appearance of the ring suggests aging to me. There are also details that look clean and sharp, such as the lines in the rope around the iron cross and the lines in the eagle’s wings.
    Another feature that causes me to believe that this is a genuine period patriotic ring is the absence of ostentatiousness that one often sees in these things. The Iron Cross is generic and the Nazi connection is limited to a pair of equally generic Reichadler. There is no pretense about the SS.
    The biggest problem is the poor quality of the photos, which makes any opinion uncertain and subject to discussion. In the case of spitfireVb's reply, I would be very interested in the details on which he based his opinion. Dwight

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