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Gegen Engeland

Article about: Hi guys, i am sharing my super, duper, ultra rare "Gegen Engeland" ring. Thanks to my friend Odal also known as "Der Ring Meister" or "Lord of The Rings" It's m

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    For sure no problem!
    There are no stupid questions - only stupid answers!

    From ground you are right. Here in germay you spell it "England".
    But this theme came from a to this time very famous song from Hermann Löns and Herms Nil.
    For better singing it the two spellings of the word "Engelland" / "Engeland" were used.
    Take a little time a "google": "Wir fahren gegen Engel(l)and" and you will find a lot of period stuff with this 2 spellings.

    Wir fahren gegen Engeland - YouTube

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    Thanks Odal that's great information

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    i forgot it in the last post to tell:

    The word in the spelling "Engelland" has 2 meanings.
    1. Engelland = England
    2. Engelland = Engel-Land (2 words) - translated "angel-land" or "land of angels"

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    Odal's knowledge is definitely appreciated! It's a catchy tune: "Denn wir fah-ren, gegen Engel-land, Engel-land...Ahoi!"
    cheers, Glenn

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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    Odal's knowledge is definitely appreciated! It's a catchy tune: "Denn wir fah-ren, gegen Engel-land, Engel-land...Ahoi!"
    cheers, Glenn
    Thanks Glenn!

    Hey, there is still an other very famous song with "Engeland"!
    For the airforce and its title is "Bomben auf Engeland" ("bombs against England":

    Bomben auf Engeland

    "Bomben auf Engeland" - Luftwaffenlied - YouTube

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    Indeed, I know that one too! "Hoert Ihr die Motoren singen Ran an den Feind, hoert ihr die Motoren singen ran an den Feind...Bom-ben...Bom-ben...Bomben auf Engelland!"
    cheers, Glenn

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    Quote by Woolgar View Post
    I notice on some of your rings England is spelt with two L's, why was this? Also I thought the Germans spelt it ENGLAND

    Sorry for my naivity

    What Odal said. Also, have a look here for my comments in an earlier thread:

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    Very nice ring.
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    I've seen many small patriotic German pins using both spellings. Bill Shea had a number of them awhile ago.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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