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Mar 7, '36 tk ring

Article about: Wag and low - nothing strange about it, actually. I now have boyle's c.o.a. Dw by lowboy no comments?

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    Default Mar 7, '36 tk ring

    Comments appreciated, thanks.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Mar 7, '36  tk ring   Mar 7, '36  tk ring  

    Mar 7, '36  tk ring   Mar 7, '36  tk ring  

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    Circuit advertisement Mar 7, '36  tk ring
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    Default Re: Mar 7, '36 tk ring

    Hmmm. Any provenance ? I am so very leery of rings such as this.

    A good guage as to whether it is fake or not will be the price.
    If it is under $15,000 - it is bogus.........!


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    Default Re: Mar 7, '36 tk ring

    I was convinced I found an original..... Even a well known dealer thought it might be good.. untill he found some flaws... do a google search on the name and date... it might come up in the fakes list.

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    Default Re: Mar 7, '36 tk ring

    very grateful to you fellows for saying anything at all. 225 views on WAF so far, not even ONE comment. not even a 'you gotta' be kidding' or 'well-known latvian super-fake,' or 'it's stolen!' .... nothing.

    ok, I bought this locally from a man - a senior us govt. employee whose workplace I know, and to whom I have no doubt I could return it. says he's the son of the man who brought it back. there's a short story on how 'dad' got it from ostbf. REISCHENBECK, who I'm researching and already some have refs. on. (incl. fotos.)

    the surname does not come up on any 'fakes lists' I'm aware of. (I'm not an HR expert tho I published reviews of the boyle and gottlieb books.) had it appeared, I suspect I'd have at least one PM from a colleague or expert or dealer here or on WAF. for example, naught-all from craig g. another 'big gun' said more and better pix needed.

    t/b frank, I'm disappointed no one can even say, 'without hand examination tuff to tell but it has the right (wrong) details, and looks good (bad)...' obv. it's its crap I won't waste time in the archives....

    so please, guys, a little more help and insight! (over to you ade.)
    thanks again.

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    Default Re: Mar 7, '36 tk ring

    You just said it, a well known author on the subject can't give you an opinion without better pics .. So how can anyone here? This item is beyond easy to fake if you read Craig's book, you will be able to read how the process works ... And in my short time collecting I've learned "a story" isn't worth shit without proof.... I truly hope you have an original piece... I've been in your exact position, just take better pics and send them to Craig ... IMO that is your best bet ... Good luck !!!

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    Default Re: Mar 7, '36 tk ring

    Thanks low' - planning to do just that; assuming it peaks his interest in the slightest. So far lack of response from anyone anywhere in the world save for you two guys isn't encouraging at all.

    However my bud earl's a pro studio photog. The pix he makes should tell 'all.' any suggestions re what details are crucial to capture? And should it be polished? (it's dingy-n-dirty; my attitude is leave it alone)

    thanks again and ... Stay tuned.

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    Default Re: Mar 7, '36 tk ring


    From the 1 in-focus pic of the "inside of the band", the condition matches the outside of the band, to my eyes. If the condition of the inside matches the condition of the outside, then it may not be a good thing. The inside of the ring would be protected compared to the outside and thus would have less wear. As said, higher quality pics would be of help. I hope it's a good piece for you, these rings are stunning!


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    Default Re: Mar 7, '36 tk ring

    DON'T TOUCH THE RING... Don't polish it don't spit on it .. Don't do anything.
    The most important way to see if it's real is simple ... Where the skull is located .. (the skull is actually a separate piece) Look on the inside of the ring behind the skull ... This is where the ring is joined together.. You may be able to see a faint line... Does your ring have this?

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    Default Re: Mar 7, '36 tk ring

    I see a join line in your pics ... Is this directly behind the skull?

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    Default Re: Mar 7, '36 tk ring

    yes, low' the seam is there, offset a little so not 'directly' behind. the join is closed with silver solder if my 8-power loupe is t/b believed. more will be revealed....

    thanks again!

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