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Article about: Ok these are the other two rings, they are probably fake but feel free to have a look! Again, i gave them a clean, the stamp on the first ring is 925, the second ring doesn't have a stamp. I

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    As the above post.When You buy a genuine ring You have more than the ring itself.You have its history in Your hand.You may not know what that history is but nether the less it is still there.That pretty much applies to all our collecting interests on this forum.Take the plunge My friend!!!!!

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    I do understand your point, but i was never intending to go out and buy originals, only to find i got swindled for 'fakes'. I just saw a couple of rings that i liked, bought them for a cheap price, and then found out after they were meant to be military rings.

    I always assumed after this they must be fake because i thought it doubtful you could purchase something like that so easily and cheaply.

    I am not buying rings anymore, this was just a one off purchase a while ago, so i'm not really wasting money on fakes as i never set out to buy real ones.

    As i said, maybe it's something i would look into in the future, but i would buy a ring because i want to wear it, and the reality is antique war rings are usually falling to bits, and have wear and tear, which is expected as they are coming on 100 years old. They are not practical for anything other than a trophy cabinet.

    It's fine to buy if its going in a collection cabinet, but i am not a collector. I may do this in the future, but it's not what i am really interested in right now, although i have the highest respect for people who set out to do this and commit to it.

    I'd rather just buy a new ring that has nothing to do war at all if i am going to wear one.

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