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Need Identifacation

Article about: To see if at least it is real silver spit on some cooking foil and rub the ring quite hard.If its silver there will be a sulpher like smell.Strange but true.It wont tell You if it is genuine

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    ...or know what you are buying ....!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Circuit advertisement Need Identifacation
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    Looks like the inside markings are a 'C' ( Copyright ) and the date
    of the design ( 85 ).........


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    The absolute Key to purchasing a TR ring, is to Know the Seller and Where it came from. Many collectors will generally not consider a ring unless it is a battlefield excavated piece, nowadays. The fakers are getting better and better. Everytime a red flag is pointed out, the next generation of fake rings comes out with it corrected. So, hunt down a Relic seller-a "digger" as they are known and put out the word that you are looking for one. He may either have one available or ask around with the other diggers that he knows and see what they might have. Even the Big Sellers are getting fooled by the fakes that are showing up these days. Both high end rings like SS Honor Rings and common every day "Canteen" rings are being faked in staggering quantities now and are just about as close to perfect as they could wish. If they are crude and easy to spot, they are probably one of the older fakes, but one made, say, last month? They can be daunting in their near perfect detailing! The old red flags? Stampings of "Sterling" inside(period rings were usually made of 835,800 or 900 silver). Stampings on the Outside of the band(most period rings were stamped out as flat bands and then wrapped around a cylinder and soldered to size. Their markings will be Inside the band-almost never Outside). SS Runes markings(the use of SS Runes was Strictly prohibited for anything unless it was Issued by the SS themselves. An "official SS ring" was limited to Honor Rings and some Wedding rings for superior officers) . Signs of porosity that indicate it being made by Casting(as said above, rings were stamped out of silver and not Cast in molds).

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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