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Opinions & Discussion on Silver SS Skull Ring

Article about: Here is an interesting ring that I am contemplating picking up. It is a lower grade silver material. It was ground dug from SS positions by an extremely reputable person. What are your thoug

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    Hi Gents I like to learn more about such Rings
    what make it old and "Original" Cast Rings not always "Fake Copy's"?
    Are the period made by Jewellers?
    I see "Stamped Cantine Rings" they mass produced? What indicate the
    Many Thanks for more INFO ,regards Germanski

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    Yes, more than 90 % are mass produced and from this ones again more than 90 % are die struck/pressed.
    If interested...i think end of this year, beginning next year there will be a book out about this theme.

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    Look forward to this! Many Thanks Regards Germanski

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    I also look forward to this book as my ring collection is doubling (from 3 to 6) in a few weeks when my next parcel arrives

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    Time marches on! Technology changes over time. Modern methods are a bit different than the way things were done in the 1930-1945 period. Modern fakes are made with a rubber mold by a casting method. The real ones were mostly made by pressing the silver/gold in metal dies. The tiny details of pressed rings are much sharper than can be had from a casting. Look at the teeth. Most of the cast ones don't really have teeth. The ancient Greeks used the lost wax method of casting metal. The sharp detail in their metal work came from handwork with tiny files. Look always for the tiny details that are a sure indication of quality.

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